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Shkreli Reduces OUATIS to a gimmick

Martin Shkreli Has ‘Acquired’ Lil Wayne’s Lost Album, “Tha Carter V” (We Know, We’re Sorry) – Noisey For his next trick, Shkreli said via Periscope broadcast: “I’ve acquired, I would say, hip-hop’s most sought-after album. It’s gonna make Wu Tang look irrelevant”. Wearing a grin that the phrase ‘shit-eating’ was invented to describe, and rubbing […]

U-God Airs It Out On Venom

U-God Delivers ‘Venom,’ Announces New Album | Billboard U-God has a lot to get off his chest. After reportedly suing his rap crew Wu-Tang Clan in a $2.5 million lawsuit for unpaid royalties in November, the MC decided to use the booth as his refuge and release his new record, “Venom.” Here, he puts on […]

U-God Hasn’t Been Paid?

U-God Is Reportedly Suing The Wu-Tang Clan For $2.5 Million | The FADER Hawkins claims that it’s been six years since he’s received a royalty payment for any of the over 170 songs he contributed to the group’s catalogue, which began with appearances on their 1993 debut Enter The 36 Chambers. He also claims he […]

Wu-Tang Clan – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – Rivals Martin Shkreli Leak – YouTube

Shkreli Prviews Intro Of OUATIS by Cilvaringz

Martin Shkreli leaks Wu-Tang Clan Track after Trump wins election – YouTube

RZA Reflects On Ironman 5 Years Ago

RZA Reflects on Ghostface Killah’s Ironman 15 Years Later – XXL “One of my favorite songs was “Assassination.” I remember not going to sleep for like three days working on that song because I bought a slide guitar that I didn’t know how to play. And you hear that sound [makes slide guitar sound] one […]

The Tale of Cappa’s Winter Warz Verse, As Told In Dutch

A Dutch Hiphop site has a nice story about the epi Cappadonna verse on Winter Warz that just goes on & on. It is in Dutch. But it would suit you well to use some Google translate on this one to get the gist of the story. Winter Warz: Cappadonna over zijn legendarische verse – […]

GZA Gives A Track By Track Rundown Of Liquid Swords

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA runs down every track off Liquid Swords – Wax Poetics “Duel of the Iron Mic” This might be my favorite track on the album. I like how I delivered on this one, and I love RZA’s beat. I remember writing to it and that it took me a while because I was […]

Shyheim Is Doing a 14 Year Stroll

I certainly missed this. Apparently Shyheim got sentenced to 14 years in jail almost two years ago. That is quite some time. I remember when everybody was waiting for his release after 1999, when he got Jailed after Manchild. Damn.

Ol’ Dirty bastard – Obey Me

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Obey Me [Boombotix] from ManuallFocus on Vimeo. Rolling Stone Premiere: Published on Nov 10, 2015 Earlier this year, RZA was exploring the archives of tapes stashed at the Wu Mansion when he came across the unreleased ODB recording. The single from the late Wu-Tang Clan legend, “Obey Me,” (remixed by […]

Shkreli Has Ghostface Diss Track?

Looks like Shkreli is carrying his troll battle with Ghostface into hiphop. Album coming 2017? Martin Shkreli Claims He’s Prepping Album With Ghostface Killah Diss Track