Old but interesting interview on Vice with U-God. Right around the time Keynote Speaker dropped.

Let’s talk beef. Nas talked about a beef Raekwon and Biggie had around the time Ready to Die dropped. Did that beef involve the rest of the Clan members? 
Nah, you know what that was? Back then, he was a hood nigga and we were hood dudes. We started a little ruckus with each other but it was nothing. If B.I.G. were still around we would have kept doing songs with him. I’m mad we never got a chance to do that. Meth was the only one in the crew who did a song with both Biggie and Pac. When I said “Put a Ruff Rider on my dick, and bust right through em” that was directed at The LOX when they were down with Ruff Ryders. I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just what it was. But see how times change? I had Sheek on my last album, and I have Styles on this one, and I’ll probably get Jada on the next album.

U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan Is Finally Speaking His Piece