Wu-Tang Forever coverIt’s been 10 years since Forever was released, and it’s also been ten years for XXL. They are not looking back at everything from year to year on a day by day basis. Unsurprisingly Puffy was made Man of the Year. He did blow up that year, the No Way Out album & Tour, the hit singles. Would have been the same if Biggie did not get shot? I doubt it. The begun Jiggy era had.

Still we got some good news. In the Staff Picks XXL picked Triumph & Wu-Tang Forever as one of the notable songs & albums of the year. If Wu did not fail at the tour then maybe it would have been their year. Too much troubles. Sadly.

The 1998 feature is already up. Master P was the man that year.  No Wu.
Puff Daddy: 1997 Man of the Year [XXLmag.com]

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