Let’s take a trip back in time. We all know Wu projects are always announced, but never come to realization. Just like the Ghost book that was announced many moons ago. Well XXLmag columnist was supposed to write it. And he even had a cover for it. Ghostface Killah Ironman Autobiography book coverHe has the following to say about the deal:

Jiminy Crickett! What’s this about a Ghostface book I’m hearing? I’m salty cuz I was supposed to do one with Mr. Deini back when his Clientelle was Supreme. And unlike my Jay-Z deal, it was “authorized.” Sparks and I split the first check the book company cut and everything (L’Chaim to Dana James who’s about to drop a gem on ‘em). But the literary project went nowhere ’cause I could never get dude to sit down and handle our business. You don’t believe me? Shit, I got a rough cover to prove it. And know I didn’t just design the shit this morning. I’m the E-I-C aka A busy guy.

Shame on a nuh named Dennis Coles.

But this new book about Ghost is not really a bio, is it.

Source(lol): XXLMag.com (I Shouldn’t Have Done It)

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