Ghost his clan without RZA & GZAI just finished reading this column by Byron Crawford. The piece he wrote is about RZA’s post 2000 legacy. What did he really do that was noteworthy. And maybe the Clan is really better off with RZA left at home. It’s confronting. But an interesting analogy with Pink Floyd’s Darkside Of The Moon serves well. Yet pointing to the Pretty Tony Album was not so. An LP that sounded a bit inconsistent to me, mixing wise. And ever since I saw GZA live on stage with the Clan during their 2004 tour, I have lost faith. The man was rapping with one hand inside his pockets. A solo performance later had him chasing his own beats.

Forget the rant just read the piece here. Do it!


  1. yeah that commentary seemed like he was almost being facetious the whole time.

    ” Imagine if the production on 8 Diagrams was on a par with, say, the beats The Pretty Toney Album, hardly any of which was produced by the RZA. The Wu-Tang Clan would be so back right now. ”

    hahhaha wtf is this guy serious? i stick up for ghost all the time but you gotta be nuts to think the beats on PT were anywhere near the production quality of the tracks on 8D.

    but i do hope the clan get together soon to put out another album without rza… it would certainly turn out differently than 8D (which i liked but thought had a few missteps). and i agree that ghost should exec produce it. with the exception of gza, they’re all at or near the top of their game, and they complement each other’s styles well.

    either way, should be an interesting year for wu

  2. Bullshit!!!! last albums of ghost are all good but not a banger. Only 2 albums are a banger: ironman and supreme clientele – produced by … damn right – Robert Diggs AKA THE RZA

  3. I ya’ll haven’t figure it out yet, you never will. The only big sellers by any of the generals were produced by The RZA.

  4. Wow i disagree with almost everything he said. I can’t believe the split over 8 Diagrams right now, you either like it or you totally hate it. And not to dismiss some of Gza’s dead-asleep appearances over the past few years, I thought he was at the top of his game on 8D. And having Ghost run the Clan seems ludicrous to me.

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