No, I don’t want to turn this into another Wu gossip folks blog. This just had to be known. I think alot of the people here know Jojo from his time with Ghost. For some time he was even part of Theodore Unit. The other person here is DJ Storm. This man DJ-ed for Raekwon on his tour and did the House Gang mixtape.

The follwing is taking form Jojo’s journal over at hiphopgame. AS of now the journal has been taking off and got alot of negative response. I myself wasn’t too thrilled by the story. And got no love for these actions, the actions itself and bringin it to the public like it is an achievement to be proud of.

We got this bird out here in Staten Island who used to make mixtapes that I supported. I’m not getting into names but this kid actually put out a disrespectful mixtape on me because the chick he wanted to spend his life with was feeling me at the time. He ran his mouth all over The Rock (Staten Island), stirring up all kinds of shit. Now as much as I knew I could remove him from earth with the snap of a finger, I tried something new. First I put the pressure on him in every housing project in Staten Island to the point where every time he came around with CDs or just to try and hang out, he was run off the block. Then he was forced to go back to the South Shore looking for love only to get it from a bunch of rats. I didn’t have to put a finger on him. I just preyed on him. Needless to say, he gave up the DJ gig and became a drug dealer. He dealt drugs around cunts for about six months. Two of those months he was selling weight to undercovers. By the time he went down they got him with 10 ounces of cocaine, 16 eightballs and a revolver with the serial numbers scratched that he never busted off once! He’s now facing 30 years. His charge is serious because of his prior, which was getting his ex-girlfriend’s head cut with a razor because she liked me and getting caught and charged. Now he’s on Rikers Island, where I get phone calls 10 times a day from different goons that want to get at him. See how the tables turn when you play it cool? I tell the fam locked down, “Leave him alone and let him rot. Don’t touch him.” Right now I’m preying on these industry snakes.

Thanks for the people at CM for clearing up it was about Storm.


  1. How did Pellegrino get DJ Storm jailed? If DJ Storm is jailed, it doesn’t have much to do with dude. This post is Pellegrino gloating that someone he doesn’t like made some bad choices and is suffering the consequences, which is repugnant on Pellegrino’s part, but not equivalent to putting drugs or guns in his hand and/or getting the police to go after him. The title of this post is misleading, is my point.

  2. I acknowledge taking a leap with the headline. I first had “Jojo runs Storm off SI” in my mind. He didn’t put the drugs in Storms palm. But he is almost taking credit for it. In any case it’s foul what he did. Certianly didn’t do it for the kudos, maybe the luls, haha.

  3. JoJo had nothing to do with Storm getting jailed. Funny how the internet could twist things up! I live in Staten Island and am friends with them both..I read about the Storm shit in the paper! He did that to himself! They squashed the issue they had anyways..I saw them at a Wu cookout over the summer together

  4. dj storm is a shitty mutha fucka and deserves everything he gets in life! he is his own worst enemy. i know him well.

  5. How the fuck do u come up with joJo jails Storm out of any of this shit that this dude Pellegrino said??? Storm is a fagget..this cornball had to do steroids just to feel like he had heart..He’s been slapped a thousand times between staten island and manhatten..his girl was on JJp’s dick so he try to assassinate Jo character puttin out a bullshit mixtape talkin bout he beat Pellegrino up…Ok Storm…we believe you…heard ya wifey was getting it good…I know that had to hurt…And fuck fat ass mex to..they all pussy..

  6. you guys don’t know how to read, let me paraphrase the story for you:

    pellegrino said storm was talking shit about him so pelle stopped him from choppin CDs at projects in Staten and had him ran out of there, so he gave up DJing and started selling. then his bird ass fucked up and started choppin to snitches and dug his own grave.

    where the fuck do you read he set him up?

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