Meth Quits Social Media

Meth has called his quits on social media. Don’t expect him to post anymore. If you are wondeirng why, check out this HipHopDX post. Spoiler, it has to do with privacy.

Martin Shkreli Trolls Twitter Battle Rapper

In a quite hilarious turn of events, Martin Shkreli trolls a Twitter battle rapper. The dude dropped his name once. After that the owners of the battle site are not that privacy concerned and oust Martin Shkreli as a new member. And all tumbles down like a tumblr post where this guy challenges Shkreli for […]

Old Wu-Tang Photo’s

Check this nice Vice article with some amazing photo’s of the Wu in their heyday.  

RZA & Atari Team Up

Even though Atari may be a corporate shell living on a brand set in the beginning of the 80’s, it’ll be interesting to see what RZA is going to flip flop.      

RZA Hands Keys To Ghost For Next Clan Album

Ghostface Killah Is In Charge Of The Next Wu-Tang Album And That’s A Very Good Thing I wonder. Can’t say I’m just as amped as I would be hearing this before Fishscale was released. But we will see. Hopefully he can get them all together now. Now phoning in.  

GZA Speaks on 2015 Hiphop

Nice article about hiphop in 2015 with GZA’s view on the matter. GZA Speaks: The Lost Art of Lyricism  

Story About That Lost Deck Album

Don’t we just love dreaming about those albums that never were. like all those early RZA beats that got lost in the flood. It almost seems like a divine story. Too bad the story does not have the best ending. Since the legacy is there, but not enough records to show n prove. Lost Ones: […]

Lawsuit for OUATIS?

Looks like that second Cilvaringz album can’t catch a break. From Ghostface feuding. To nobody listening to it. If a tree falls in the wood, does anybody care? A New Lawsuit Makes Unlikely Allies Out Of Martin Shkreli & The Wu-Tang Clan

That Guy That Cut His Penis Off Is Back And Is Making Black Penises Matter

Meth’s recent comments regaring Wu-Tang and its symbol got some people mad. So mad they had to call him out on a forum, and according to posters, making #blackpenisesmatter. It’s a hard read with all the English sometimes being at the reading level of a dog. But some posts are quite worth it for the […]

Apparently Meth Does Not Like Ringz And He Gives Great Interviews

Adam Sandler films are so bad, even Sony hates them. Thank god we have Meth in this latest film doing the rounds. Giving interviews everywhere on a whole range of subjects. Including the current PR disaster that is Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Apparently Meth does not like Ringz, or the handling of this […]

Where The Fuck Is Rae at?

Rae recently dropped this bombshell of a cover. Everybody on Rae’s team should be fired at this point. This is one hell of a crapfest at photoshop. And it looks ugly as hell. This does not inspire ‘fly shit,’ ‘luxirous art,’ ‘international jet setting’ or any such things. It looks like a bad children’s drawing. […]

Another Album, Another Feud: Cash Still Rulez

So Cilvaringz made his second album unique. Just one copy. Nobody has fully heard it. Every member of the Clan is on there. He is going to auction it off. There will be an 88 year copyright on it (something to do with numbers. You know, how RZA always spins numbers to his favor). Well […]