The Bill Murray Clause Was False

Remember when the internet lost its mind over something in the contract of Once Upon A Time IN Shaolin with Bill Murray. Like so often, nobody actually fact checked it. And thus another myth was born. This was off course not helped by the silence from the party selling it.

Some of these things might be cleared by the release of a new book. This will detail the whole business deal and how fans got srewed out of hearing the music they love, adored and supported to through the trials & tribulations of the Wu-Tang. Reading the excerpt from the book, it looks like this will be a quick cash grab, at the long tail of the interest in the book. While Shkreli is still in the news. But other than a few interesting facts, be prepared to be dissappointed on a literay plane. Just like this album let the fans down.

…an interested observer online tweeted a (false) quote from a (falsified) contract that claimed to show the (entirely bogus) clause that allowed Wu-Tang Clan and/or Bill Murray — a real-life acquaintance of RZA’s — to steal the album back. As sometimes happens with false tweets about bogus clauses in falsified contracts, the media picked up the story and reported it as if it were real. “I don’t think Bill was ever even aware of the album,” says Bozorgmehr.

Cyrus Bozorgmehr’s new book, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, purports to tell the untold tale of the whole strange episode.



Old U-God Interview with Vice

Old but interesting interview on Vice with U-God. Right around the time Keynote Speaker dropped.

Let’s talk beef. Nas talked about a beef Raekwon and Biggie had around the time Ready to Die dropped. Did that beef involve the rest of the Clan members? 
Nah, you know what that was? Back then, he was a hood nigga and we were hood dudes. We started a little ruckus with each other but it was nothing. If B.I.G. were still around we would have kept doing songs with him. I’m mad we never got a chance to do that. Meth was the only one in the crew who did a song with both Biggie and Pac. When I said “Put a Ruff Rider on my dick, and bust right through em” that was directed at The LOX when they were down with Ruff Ryders. I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just what it was. But see how times change? I had Sheek on my last album, and I have Styles on this one, and I’ll probably get Jada on the next album.

U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan Is Finally Speaking His Piece


Shkreli Reduces OUATIS to a gimmick

Martin Shkreli Has ‘Acquired’ Lil Wayne’s Lost Album, “Tha Carter V” (We Know, We’re Sorry) – Noisey

For his next trick, Shkreli said via Periscope broadcast: “I’ve acquired, I would say, hip-hop’s most sought-after album. It’s gonna make Wu Tang look irrelevant”. Wearing a grin that the phrase ‘shit-eating’ was invented to describe, and rubbing his hands together like Mr. Burns if he was a man-baby, he eventually announced that he has bought Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V for an undisclosed sum, playing part of a track from the record on film.