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The Tale of Cappa’s Winter Warz Verse, As Told In Dutch

A Dutch Hiphop site has a nice story about the epi Cappadonna verse on Winter Warz that just goes on & on. It is in Dutch. But it would suit you well to use some Google translate on this one to get the gist of the story. Winter Warz: Cappadonna over zijn legendarische verse – […]

Ghost Makes RapCity Turn Awkward

Back in 2000 or 1999, Ghost visited RapCity in promotion of his Supreme Clientele. Ghost being him, this led to some very weird moments in the show with references to bodies being in bags and Cappa walking in and out like a henchman. Wu-Tang Gold.

Cappadonna Interview Slang Prostitution

Blending powerful insights into a medley of broken English and abstract slang is nothing new for Cappadonna. A legend in the borough of Staten Island long before he first appeared on Raekwon’s classic LP Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Cap has since forged a die hard following rhyming alongside his Wu-Tang comrades while dropping nearly […]

Rae & Cap Video Interview about 8D, ODB & Freestyle

Got these three video’s from the AT&T site. Decided to rip them and upload them for better viewing together. So there ya go. Original source at the bottom. Interview: Raekwon & Cappadonna talk about 8 Diagrams (1/3) Interview: Wu-Tang reminisces about ODB, and Wu-Tang forever (2/3) Behind the Scenes: A special freestyle just for the […]

Sunday Randomness: Supreme Clientele Tour

Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna & Due Lilz from the Almighty Wu-Tang Clan/Theodore Unit Supreme Clientele Tour Part 1 Part 2 Form the A Day In The Life dvd.

Cappatilize Project To Take Physical Form & New Group With Cappa

Wu-International is reporting that Cappadonna will release his last album, the internet only release of the Cappatilize Project to the stores. Due to high demand of fans his manager has secured a deal to take it to the stores. Some changes will be made to the album. Next to that Cappadonna has formed a new […]