Bloomberg Critical On OUATIS Clan credits

Over on Bloomberg an article has been published that is very critical of the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album. Through interviews with Killa Sin, Shyheim & the manager of U-God a reconstruction is attempted of the making of OUATIS. Echoed by these people is the sentiment that this started out as a new record for Cilvaringz, and not a Clan record. Besides that, many of them fell hurt & disrespected by the scheming around the recent release of the project. It’s a nice read to add to the ever revolving saga around this concept album.

Shkreli, who currently faces a prison sentence for fraud, may himself have been deceived about his $2 million purchase.



Another Excerpt About OUATIS

Last month Wired also dropped an article on the sale of the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin Album. They gave it the interesting title Remember When Martin Shkreli Bought That Single-Copy Wu-Tang Clan Album? Almost as if the album was forgotten about after the fact. Mostly due to the antics of Shkreli, who opened up about the pharamaceutical business like no other before him. And gave us a much more interesting view in how all these companies know how to rip off patients, and hide from it. He wasn’t having any of the latter. Well Wired also published an excerpt of the book, with the most interesting tid bit of sale ever:

Mindful of the fact that only two people in the world had heard the whole thing, we couldn’t risk the buyer listening to the full two hours, then saying no thanks. So we hammered out a skipping scenario where he could listen to ten seconds in the beginning, middle, and end of each track to make sure the audio was all on there.

Did anybody say  used car sales tactics?

An excerpt from the new book ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.’



The Bill Murray Clause Was False

Remember when the internet lost its mind over something in the contract of Once Upon A Time IN Shaolin with Bill Murray. Like so often, nobody actually fact checked it. And thus another myth was born. This was off course not helped by the silence from the party selling it.

Some of these things might be cleared by the release of a new book. This will detail the whole business deal and how fans got srewed out of hearing the music they love, adored and supported to through the trials & tribulations of the Wu-Tang. Reading the excerpt from the book, it looks like this will be a quick cash grab, at the long tail of the interest in the book. While Shkreli is still in the news. But other than a few interesting facts, be prepared to be dissappointed on a literay plane. Just like this album let the fans down.

…an interested observer online tweeted a (false) quote from a (falsified) contract that claimed to show the (entirely bogus) clause that allowed Wu-Tang Clan and/or Bill Murray — a real-life acquaintance of RZA’s — to steal the album back. As sometimes happens with false tweets about bogus clauses in falsified contracts, the media picked up the story and reported it as if it were real. “I don’t think Bill was ever even aware of the album,” says Bozorgmehr.

Cyrus Bozorgmehr’s new book, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, purports to tell the untold tale of the whole strange episode.


Wu-Tang 0 comments on Cilvaringz Takes 2nd Place In Wealthiest Rappers From The Netherlands

Cilvaringz Takes 2nd Place In Wealthiest Rappers From The Netherlands

He maybe the Killabee who caught the most flak ever. But that does not turn this man down. We all know he went Wu in ’99. And waited almost ten years for his album. It all turned out pretty good for him. Because he handles his business like no other.

A two year study by Marie Oldeese into the earnings of HipHop in the Netherlands shows he takes the second place. Although it can be argued if all his earnings are indeed truly hiphop related. Nevertheless, he got his money. And does not fall into a typical Wu-Tang business model. I guess Ringz learned a lot in the scene.

Kudos to him.

ADHD – Shouf Shouf Habibi ft. Cilvaringz

Wu-Tang 5 comments on Why Ringz Had So Many RZA Beats

Why Ringz Had So Many RZA Beats

Cilvaringz & RZACilvaringz recently answered somebody’s call as to why he had so much RZA beats on his album, and Uey barely. This was in reaction to a clip of U-gods Fallen Soldier DVD, which came out three or so years ago, where U-God shows his emotions about him and RZA. I strongly advise everybody to cop it. It’s a nice dvd to watch. But Bare in mind this is all old beef. Form when his Hillside Scramblers project dropped.

I would actually answer faster if it only were for some more decent talk in here… lotta yall going off with that ‘suck rza dick, wu dickrider’ and other nonsense…

I don’t know why RZA gave me more beats than U-God. I stayed dedicated to my work, maybe that’s it. I’m not the greatest emcee, not trying to be neither, just trying to do my best and spit whatever was on the mind. RZA and I spend a lot of time together between 2003 and 2005, when we were doing all of those tours, during the shoots of Derailed in London, on the Clan tour, his birthday in Egypt, all of that. He took me and DJ Sueside along as brothers and I got to hear alot of beats, many amazing beats that I hoped would end up on 8 Diagrams.

I caught him in a couple of creative moments and that was that. I never paid him for any of it, neither did I pay for any of my Clan featurings.

In addition, I must say I done gave the entire Clan alot of beat CDs over the years, mostly from myself and Bronze. Why only a few ended up being recorded and released I don’t know, but I gave alot and still do. I gave Meth 150 beats once and he liked each one of them and rhymed for 3 hours straight to all of them, but not one beat was ever recorded, why? I don’t know. Ghost did the Guerilla Hood thing, and this Rainy Dayz Part 2 type of song that my man Blastah did, but he just told me yesterday that he recorded it, but couldn’t fit it with the Big Dough Rehab tracklisting. Deck took the ‘Lil Story beat without my knowledge and I tried hollaring at him about it, but in my entire career I must’ve spoken to Deck like twice, that’s it.
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Wu-Tang 1 comment on Live Cilvaringz Concert Webcast

Live Cilvaringz Concert Webcast

Cilvaringz at seaTomorrow, thursday the 23rd, Cilvaringz will perform in Amsterdam. And everyone can join the fun via a live webcast. The following link has the exact time for your place of residence. It’s gonna be on a 23:30 dutch time.

This show is part of his dutch tour to promote his album I. Sadly he did not visit the center of Holland, so I didn’t see any of his shows. Somebody got a good connection by the way. And with good software to capture everything? Don’t know it it will truly worth it, but you never know. Got it covered.
Cilvaringz Concert Webcast

Wu-Tang 0 comments on Mixtape Saturday: Dr. Moon

Mixtape Saturday: Dr. Moon

American IronmanLast month the Dutch rapper Extince released his fourth album Toch?!. And remarkably the quiet Moongod Allah had two productions on this record. One of these is actually the first single from the album. He produced the tracks under the monniker Dr. Moon.

Extince – Repper-de-Klep
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Extince – Ik Weet Jij Houdt Van Hem ft. Derenzo
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Cilvaringz – Man, Woman & Child ft. Michael Maidwell
Production by Cilvaringz & Bronze Nazareth

T.H.U.G. Angelz – 144,000
Production by Shroom

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Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang 1 comment on Skunk Fu Theme Song with Ghostface

Skunk Fu Theme Song with Ghostface

Skunk FuIt was said that Ghostface had recorded a track together with Cilvaringz for the Skunk Fu cartoon. A bit of the leader of the show has leaked and we can get a snippet of the theme song I think. There must be a full version waiting to be released.


I’ll also include the Title sequence form the cartoon. Looks funny enough for me to watch. Reminds me off Yin-Yang-Yo. Also a cartoon with Martial Arts element based around two bunnies, brother and sister and a Panda as master. All this in clear cut Flash style.

Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang 1 comment on Cilvaringz & Ghostface Killa Collaborate On A Theme Song For A New BBC Cartoon

Cilvaringz & Ghostface Killa Collaborate On A Theme Song For A New BBC Cartoon

Cilvaringz & GhostfaceCilvaringz & Ghostface Killa have collaborated on the theme song for BBC’s new cartoon Skunk Fu which has begun airing this summer. The song is produced by Montosa and co-features Theodore Unit member Shawn Wiggs on the chorus.

I have full confidence that this will be better than the last time Ghost collaborated with a dutch artist….astro…

Wu-Tang 2 comments on Remedy has hard words for ‘Ringz

Remedy has hard words for ‘Ringz

RemedyYes, Yes, they are back at it again. Wu-International just did an interview with Remedy. And boy has he some words for Cilvaringz. So are you ready for you daily dose of Wu-Tang DRAMA. Because this shit is worse than the Bold & The Beautifull. He even confirms the speculation about The Corp being official.

Oyeah he mentions the power of Never Again. His bonds with various Clan members. And his upcoming projects. One even with Priest. All pretty promising.

Wu-International: Speaking of the Wu, the fans have always been speculating about beef between you and Cilvaringz but nothing was made concrete until Ringz recently called your name out on some songs on his recent album “I”, do you have anything to say about this as in what started the misunderstanding, your thoughts etc?
Remedy: Oh word-That pussy said my name? He don’t even know me like that. If I ever see him again, I’m gonna give him a beating. Then I’ll post it on you tube. You have my word on that. If someone got beef with me, lets settle it. Internet gangstas- him and his crew are a bunch of clowns, suckas, fakes and wanna be’s. Everyone within the circle knows that. The real Wu and affiliates laugh at him. RZA once laughed and told me he “signed Rings for 10K. What a joke”. These cats don’t give a fuck about him. If he died tomorrow, no one would care. That’s just how it is. He’s still mad about that song probably. Get over it. It’s five years ago. When the song was done I spoke to RZA. He told me I could use it, as long as he (RZA) heard it first. So that’s what I did. Let me break it down for you. Rings and his little crew are a bunch of computer thugs, dick riding, Wu-Tang groupies. If they were bitches, they’d be getting fucked in their ass. For real. They have manipulated themselves into the position they’re in. They have given cats free production, got them tours and show money, and built a web site. Who wouldn’t accept these offerings? Now if Wu-Tang Corp.com was really run by Wu, Rings wouldn’t be the first thing you see on the site. Matter of fact, you wouldn’t see him at all. Real talk. Last week, I was in the studio with the Clan. I was speaking to Divine and Power about regaining control of the site. For the sake of the Wu and the real Wu fans. This will be done shortly, trust me. As for me, I am the grain. I’ve been right here, through the thick and thin. When the Wu was really doing it, I was right there, and still am. This kid was no where to be seen. He’s just a fan. That’s it. He gets no respect!!!

Complete interview after the break and over at Wu-International.com

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