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RZA Reflects On Ironman 5 Years Ago

RZA Reflects on Ghostface Killah’s Ironman 15 Years Later – XXL “One of my favorite songs was “Assassination.” I remember not going to sleep for like three days working on that song because I bought a slide guitar that I didn’t know how to play. And you hear that sound [makes slide guitar sound] one […]

The Tale of Cappa’s Winter Warz Verse, As Told In Dutch

A Dutch Hiphop site has a nice story about the epi Cappadonna verse on Winter Warz that just goes on & on. It is in Dutch. But it would suit you well to use some Google translate on this one to get the gist of the story. Winter Warz: Cappadonna over zijn legendarische verse – […]

Ghost Makes RapCity Turn Awkward

Back in 2000 or 1999, Ghost visited RapCity in promotion of his Supreme Clientele. Ghost being him, this led to some very weird moments in the show with references to bodies being in bags and Cappa walking in and out like a henchman. Wu-Tang Gold.

The Wu Massacre Video Part 1

What the fuck is up with all these trailers and teasers. Overkill

Toney Sigel AKA The Barrel Brothers Video

title: Toney Sigel A.K.A. The Barrel Brothers / artist: Ghostface feat. Beanie Sigel & Styles P / year: 2007 / directed by: Rik Cordero / …do a barrel roll…