GZA Gives A Track By Track Rundown Of Liquid Swords

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA runs down every track off Liquid Swords – Wax Poetics

“Duel of the Iron Mic”

This might be my favorite track on the album. I like how I delivered on this one, and I love RZA’s beat. I remember writing to it and that it took me a while because I was trying different things. I remember being so happy after Ol’ Dirty [Bastard] blessed the track like he did. I love how the recording sounds too. When we perform this song live, the music gets real low for Deck’s part, and then it comes in real loud and it still always gets me hype. I also love the skit at the beginning. I just love that shit.

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An Old & Forgotten Ghostface Diss

All Natural – Liquid Paper

All Natural is one of the most consistent, talented, enterprising, and
long-lasting crews in Chicago, but you probably already know that. In the Early 90s they got a deal with Wildpitch, but the label folded before they had a chance to officially release anything. They didn’t let that slow them down. They kept themselves in the lab knocking out material and a couple years later they came out on their label and their own terms. Stepping back a bit to ‘94, right around the time Wildpitch was going out of business, 950 AM “Rap Radio” converted to 106 Jamz FM and switches up the format a bit to include some more R&B but still is primarily a Rap station. I believe they were trying to compete with WGCI (the markets Top Dog R&B station). As I recall the best part about 106 Jamz was the show hosted by Pinkhouse (R.I.P) with Tone B Nimble on the wheels (respect goes out to The First Lady!).

This all ultimately leads to “Liquid Paper”. However, here’s where some of the details get a lil gray to me, hopefully someone else remembers something and can clarify. Anyway, Pinkhouse and Tone were doing some sort “benefit” show at Operation Push. They had Ghostface and Raekwon on the bill. I was promoting the King Just record and tried to get him involved (I can’t remember if he actually performed??) and had him in town to promote his album at the same time. Sometime before the show, everyone is hanging out in front of the venue. Ghost, Rae, King Just, members of their entourage, a bunch of local cats and fans. I’m right there but just sort of laying back cause I’m not really mingling or whatever. All the sudden there’s the “sound” of gunshots and dudes (I assume they are the ones “shooting”) running out from the trees. Of course, everyone around me is running and ducking. I remember Raekwon doing a action movie type dive to the side of the van which was impressive…ha. I didn’t run, not because I’m a tough guy, but because I didn’t know where the bullets where come from and I wasn’t trying to run into them so I figured I’m safest there until I figured it all out then it died down real quick.

As expected after that tensions where high. Ghostface gave a speech to the people hanging around that if they were going to be there it wasn’t just on some fan sh**, they better be watching their backs…I feel that. Anyway, I guess due to all the confusion and stress they got the idea that they shouldn’t be rocking for free or should be getting paid more money if they are getting shot at….ha. I mean I see the “logic of convenience” in that but a deal is a deal right? Anyway, there’s all sorts of tension and all that going on. They finally go on and during the show something goes haywire and all the sudden it’s an all out riot. I’m backstage watching the show thru the security door. When it goes crazy the security guards literally go “well it’s Midnight, we’re off duty” and leave!! I mean I know they didn’t sign on for a right but damn! People are going crazy and trying to get backstage and it’s utter chaos. The guard leaves from blocking the door so I rush to the door and try to hold it close because I don’t know who is trying to come back there and I’m not trying to be caught up in a all out riot. Plus for all I know it’s fools with guns or whatever (sure I guess they could’ve shot thru the door but whatever….ha). Anyway, it’s a pretty crazy night. I can’t remember all the details….I probably purposefully erased them from the brain….ha.

Later that year, Genius drops “Liquid Swords” and has the track “4th Chamber” which features Ghostface and he drops, “stay windy in Chicago….Promoters try to hold dough, give me mine before I wrap you up in so and so”… One would guess that is in response to the Operation Push show. Apparently All Natural felt so too and they responded with “Liquid Paper”.

I don’t know how much this song got out there or if they ever officially squashed it with Ghost. I do know that Cap D absolutely kills it! The word play is simply excellent. They flip the “Daytona” beat and go for the throat.

*Side jewel: I also remember when Ghost and Rae were in town the only thing I heard them play
in their tour van was Smoothe Da Hustler “Broken Language” and some Wu Tang R&B remix
they had just done…can’t remember what joint it was though.


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HHIR Presents The Liquid Sword Samples

HHIR Presents The Liquid Sword SamplesAnd another one. The Liquid Sword collection of samples. This one includes a lot of samples I myself did not have. Mainly because I never really searched for them. So this is a good chance of updating it.

Kudos to Hip Hop is Read for doing this. Greatly appreciated. Hit up their site if your are by any chance looking for the samples to God’s Son, Game Theory or Doctor’s Advocate.

It would be nice if someone took the time to collect the samples used on 8 Diagrams. Sure to happen some time in the future.

Download via Zshare
Download via RS

Hit the jump for the complete tracklist.

  1. ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ by Willie Mitchell
      Sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  2. ‘Groovin” by Willie Mitchell
      Sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. ODB, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck)
      Sampled for ‘4th Chamber’ by GZA (feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  3. ‘That’s the Way it Is’ by Al Green
      Rumored to have been sampled for ‘Liquid Swords’ by GZA (feat. RZA)
      Produced by RZA
  4. ‘I’m Afraid the Masquerade is Over’ by David Porter
      Sampled for ‘Duel of the Iron Mic’ by GZA (feat. ODB, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck)
      Produced by RZA
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The Source Liquid Swords Review & The Genius on Come Do Me

Press Rewind is coming phenomenal with their scans of old reviews. We previously linked their scans for the reviews of Only Built For Cuban Linx and Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. This time they got a scan on Liquid Swords. Published in the December 1995 issue of The Source.

GZA - The Source - Liquid Swords Review
Click Here

Genius Source 91How they gave it only four mics I fail to see. Thirteen years later, some people may have forgotten the Clan, the man and his album. But to those who have heard it it is regarded as a classic masterpiece. A defining point in hiphop history. Even outside of the general hiphop crowd this record is considered to be beyond great. An amazing thing to accomplish.

The GeniusIf you are looking for more of these rewinding scans hit up the Press Rewind blog. Besides reviews they also got scans of complete articles. THIMK is running posts with complete scans of back issues. With this most interesting backissue. Which got a small article on Come Do Me in The Genius his own words back in 1991.

Can’t wait for the other issues to show up.