Bloomberg Critical On OUATIS Clan credits

Over on Bloomberg an article has been published that is very critical of the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album. Through interviews with Killa Sin, Shyheim & the manager of U-God a reconstruction is attempted of the making of OUATIS. Echoed by these people is the sentiment that this started out as a new record for Cilvaringz, and not a Clan record. Besides that, many of them fell hurt & disrespected by the scheming around the recent release of the project. It’s a nice read to add to the ever revolving saga around this concept album.

Shkreli, who currently faces a prison sentence for fraud, may himself have been deceived about his $2 million purchase.


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New Shyheim Album: Enter The Bottom

Shyheim - Enter The BottomNo, it does not include his infamous Raekwon diss. CNO pointed it out for me that it had been finally released over at Chmber Musik. Correct me if I’m wrong but this album was scheduled to come out some time earlier. Even battling with Ghost & the Clan for Dec 4th at some point.

This album is an introduction to the Bottom Up movement. Coming with a DVD it serves as a warm up and to the real album Bottom Chamber.

  1. Shyheim ft. C-Tera – Lucky Me
  2. L.E.O. – The Corner
  3. Boom P – Baby
  4. L.E.O. ft. Stack Bundles “R.I.P.” – Keep Banging
  5. J-illa ft. Rodo – Bang Out
  6. Shyheim ft. Castro – S.I.N.Y.
  7. Kryme Life – Rec Something
  8. Boom P – Make My
  9. Shyheim ft. J-illa & Rodo – What it Do
  10. Desert D E Eagle – Look At My Back
  11. L.E.O. ft Bomb Official & Mike Millz – Rain, Pour
  12. L.E.O. – Heard The Shots
  13. Pop the Brown Hornet – Love Ya’ll Miss Ya’ll
  14. Shyheim ft Gator Ent. – We Got
  15. Shyheim – Bu Nigga
  16. L.E.O. – The Solution
  17. Shyheim ft. Lady Venom – Bu Nigga/ Bu Bitch

On Sale Now @ Chamber Musik

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Where The Hell Have You Been: Shyheim Interview

Where The Hell Have You Been: Shyheim
January 28th, 2008 | Author: Dominque “A.H.L.O.T.” Howse / HHDX

In 1994, the then 14-year old emcee Shyheim the Manchild had a major record deal, several television placements and had already touched mics with the best of the best, including 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Big Daddy Kane. The young man was a product of the pre-Rudy era of New York, cursing, swearing, and growling into the mic, arguably before his voice dropped. Shyheim was a prodigy far different than what rap witnessed in Lil Bow Wow or even B.G. From a lost era, with a lost story, Shyheim was deemed fitting for a HipHopDX “Where the Hell Have You Been?” feature.

There was a bit of excitement rushing through our veins, yet we were sure that this was also an opportunity he was flattered with, due to the idea of him venting and displaying his side of Shaolin, behind the 36 chambers.

After being incarcerated and dismembering himself from the Wu, Shyheim came clean to HipHopDX, to talk about his battles with success, his days as the youngest member of the [extended] Wu-Tang family, and the formulation of his Bottom Up imprint. With a now-public beef with Raekwon and a diss record attached [click here], the 29-year old, rugged emcee from Staten Island opens up about his relationship with the Wu family (or lack thereof). Although this interview took place prior to the Raekwon diss, the seeds were already planted as DX gets to the root of the problems between Shyheim and Wu Tang. The Manchild is all grown up, and he reveals his wisdom with candor.

HipHopDX: It’s been a long time since you’ve been in mainstream media. What’s been going on since your humble beginnings as an emcee/actor?

Shyheim: I had an album out and it was called, Man Child I was on Wu-Tang Records…that was umm, I wanna say ’99 and that was around the same time I was on The Parent Hood- the television show and I was in In Too Deep, the movie that had just dropped. I didn’t know how to separate entertainment and being a recording artist from real life. With that said, I was livin’ a double life. I come from an era where you couldn’t say it if you didn’t do it. You know what I’m sayin’? So, all the shit I was talking about I was actually doing.

I caught a few cases, and I was on the run for a few years, which really strained my relationship with Wu-Tang because it was like…as a business, we need to put this album out but the law is looking for you. I was looking at them like, “Yo, we from the same hood.” What you mean, “Go turn ya self in?” To the police? They wanted me to turn myself in. I wasn’t feeling that. I decided to go on the run. I was on the run until I got caught and so I went to prison for three to three-and-a half years. It was on The Source cover, “Hip Hop Behind Bars.” I came home a couple years ago and started up an independent record label called, Bottom Up Records. I released an album called The Greatest Story Never Told.

It’s new for me because I never had my career in my hands. I was a kid and I had people making decisions for me. With my time away, I read a lot up on the industry. At the time, I had a lot of personal experiences in the industry, but I really didn’t have the book knowledge and so I educated myself. I came home and now I’m in tune with all the hottest shit out here in Staten Island. It’s not just Wu-Tang. It’s a big world and it’s a big place out here. We on the come up, right now.

DX: Being that you’re still under 30, you have an interesting story to tell. If people really wanted to, they could place your story into a book or make it into a film and it would possibly be a fascinating display. If you could name that film or book that reflected your experiences, what would you call it and why?

S: A “Scarred Star.” The reason I would call it a “Scarred Star” is because I was scarred and had 300 stitches from the middle of my eyebrows to my cheek. It happened at a nightclub in Staten Island, when gang bangin’ hit hard in New York. Like I said, I was caught in the middle of that shit because I was a celebrity, but I was still with my friends and we were street niggas. I was caught up, real bad and I really didn’t have the guidance or the direction from someone to point me in the right direction.

I would call it a “Scarred Star” for several different reasons. I’ve been scarred mentally, physically, emotionally and as an artist. I’m one of those artists where my credentials and stats that I have, nobody in the game has those. Nobody has had two halftimes. I’m at a halftime in my career, as well as in my life. The first half, I was a kid who had a lot of things accomplished, so I think me coming back around…interests a lot of people because I was on a hiatus and it gave me room to grow as a man. I believe people are down to hear what’s on my mind. Check for me.
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Raekwon, Wu-Tang 6 comments on Shyheim Goes At Raekwon…Fakewon….

Shyheim Goes At Raekwon…Fakewon….

Shy is not the one to talk about production.

Update: This is a supposed quote from Shy about it

I was just talking to puff trying to set up a metting so my camera man was behind me trying to get drops for my dvd raekwom then pushes my camera and says hold that thought trying to big himself up in front of puff so fuck that fat nigga and who ever else dont like it

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TupacNation.Net Interviews Shyheim

ShyheimHow are things going for you?

things are going great for me i started my own independent record label called bottom up records
check us out !

You spent time in your earlier days with Wu Tang member Ghost Face, how did the two of you first make contact?

i knew ghost for a very long time where from the same projects
stapleton in staten island new york

How would you describe your affiliation with Wu Tang?

my affiliation with the wu is we come from the same hood

Your debut album AKA the Rugged Child was released in 1994 when you were only 14 years old, being so young at the time what was going through your head, allready releasing an album?

to be honest i just loved hip hop and was amped to be making a tape thats was the shit then now kids make mp3’s and cd’s lol
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