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U-God Hasn’t Been Paid?

U-God Is Reportedly Suing The Wu-Tang Clan For $2.5 Million | The FADER Hawkins claims that it’s been six years since he’s received a royalty payment for any of the over 170 songs he contributed to the group’s catalogue, which began with appearances on their 1993 debut Enter The 36 Chambers. He also claims he […]

The Tale of Cappa’s Winter Warz Verse, As Told In Dutch

A Dutch Hiphop site has a nice story about the epi Cappadonna verse on Winter Warz that just goes on & on. It is in Dutch. But it would suit you well to use some Google translate on this one to get the gist of the story. Winter Warz: Cappadonna over zijn legendarische verse – […]

GZA Gives A Track By Track Rundown Of Liquid Swords

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA runs down every track off Liquid Swords – Wax Poetics “Duel of the Iron Mic” This might be my favorite track on the album. I like how I delivered on this one, and I love RZA’s beat. I remember writing to it and that it took me a while because I was […]

Apparently Meth Does Not Like Ringz And He Gives Great Interviews

Adam Sandler films are so bad, even Sony hates them. Thank god we have Meth in this latest film doing the rounds. Giving interviews everywhere on a whole range of subjects. Including the current PR disaster that is Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Apparently Meth does not like Ringz, or the handling of this […]

Deck Has Loads of Gems to Share with HipHopDX

Come on, man. I ain’t gotta tell ‘em. They caught in a trap right now, and I don’t mean danger. Niggas is in the strip club throwing their money up and doing all types of Birdman shit. When we came up, we didn’t grow up like that. We learned how to hustle and get money. […]

RevoltTV Reflects on The 20th Anniversary with The Clan

Wu-Tang Clan Reflects On 20 Year Anniversary RevoltTV reflects with Shyheim, Rae, Deck, Cappa

Stroll Through the Block with Meth

Back on the Block With Method Man | Grantland Channel


Wu-Tang Clan – Diesel Wu-Tang Clan – Windpipe

Wu Forever Celebrating 20 years of Wu-Tang Clan by BET

Part 1 with Cam’Ron, Jadakiss, Steve Rifkind Part 2 with U-God, Shyheim, Cappadonna, Masta Killa Part 3

Who Mixed 36 Chambers

Came across this post via WTC. After somebody wanted to know who mixed Enter The Wu-Tang, Carlos came through and locked it down. Just so you know: Hey!! Just wanted to contribute to this post. This is a list of all the gear that I used to record and mix the first wu-tang album. Console […]

Reunited Funkstorung

A Reunited remix by Funkstorung as found on the remix single.

RZA Takes You Through 14 Wu Classies

dj_derezon_and_illfated_tre-14_deadly_secrets_part_2_feat._the_rza.mp3 T.H.A.N.G. That Hoe Ain’t No Good