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Ghostface in DUB Magazine

DUB Magazine Feature : Ghostface Killah
January 30, 08 by EddyL

One of the strengths of the Wu-Tang Clan is the individual talents of each member of the collective, of which Ghostface Killah (aka Tony Starks and Ironman) has been deemed by many as the most consistent, with such hits as Ironman (Razor Sharp/Epic, 1996), Supreme Clientele (Razor Sharp/Epic, 2000), The Pretty Toney Album (Def Jam, 2004), and more recently, Fishscale (Def Jam, 2006) and More Fish (Def Jam, 2006).

In fact, it was Ghostface that unloaded the first licks on Enter the Wu-Tang, spitting fire on “Bring Da Ruckus.”

Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse/My Glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse/I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk/Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk

After the success of the Wu-Tang Clan’s first collective album, they set out to release individual works, with Ghostface trying his hand with Ironman. It was a solid album, but wasn’t initially as successful as those of other Wu-Tang mates Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Eventually, though, hip-hop heads and pundits began to notice how his vibe began to reverberate.
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MK Thinks People Are Not Ready For 8D

Masta Killa SssshhhhWu Tang Clan: Interview With Masta Killa
Jan. 09, 2008 The Power Of Perception
by: Patrick Slevin

Six years was the longest period fans had yet to wait for a reconvening of the Wu-Tang Clan, but following some festival plays in 2007, the group released 8 Diagrams last month to a warm reception. Its very anticipation was a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop community that they’ve been such an influential and integral part of, pervading all aspects of the business and art.

Strangely, though, coming out of production, it wasn’t the album Masta Killa thought he and his fellow swordsmen would be releasing. A more reflective listen than what many were expecting to hear, the grand return of the Wu is not the joyous record that might have been expected from the conquering masters of hip-hop.

Their first release without their beloved Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the direction taken on 8 Diagrams was expressly what has made the Wu-Tang Clan unique over the years—their power to create what no one else is. As MK describes, the swordsmen are simply conquering another chamber.
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‘I Zag While Others Zig’ -RZA

RZA hits‘I zag while others zig’
By Nick Edwards
Published: January 19 2008 01:04 | Last updated: January 19 2008 01:04

At a Los Angeles airport, fiancée by his side, RZA, the rapper, actor, soundtrack composer and producer of the legendary hip-hop outfit the Wu-Tang Clan, sits with his new baby on his knee. The erstwhile Robert Diggs is trying to fit in a rare family break while promoting his band’s first album in seven years, and talking to me with his mobile phone pressed to his ear.

It’s 15 years since WTC released their legendary debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). “We were like a whole youth group or boys’ home,” RZA (pronounced riz-ah) says fondly of the original nine-strong band made up of friends and family from Staten Island, New York. Their music depicted the dirty heart of America in the 1990s, in the same way that the gangster films of Martin Scorsese or Brian De Palma did for the 1970s. A flurry of classic solo releases from other band members – GZA/The Genius, Raekwon, ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Ghostface Killah and Method Man – followed, though they are generally considered collective Wu-Tang releases as they were all produced by RZA and featured all the group members.

Their gritty raw sound dominated hip-hop during this period. To the wider world, the horrific depictions in their lyrics of the fresh blood of a crime scene or a sexually debased act summed up all that was bad about hip-hop, and Gangsta rap in particular. Yet the multilayered lyrical style, which embraces references from mythology and politics, literature and graphic novels, always underpinned by producer RZA’s ground-breaking techniques, gave fans of the genre an experience of depth and soul far beyond that of their contemporaries.
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Wu-Tang 0 comments on R.I.P. to Got Flow of Ancient Coins

R.I.P. to Got Flow of Ancient Coins

Cno Evil of Chamber Musik recently discovered that Got Flow, a member of the Ancient Coins group, was killed over a year ago. He then contacted Armel for some clarification on the subject. As if it indeed was true and what the current line up of Ancient Coins is. Here are his words:

Peace, yes I did lose one of my Ancient Coins… Got Flow was the last member I let be down with my Coins. He got killed in Maryland with his little brother Corey on 9-16-06. You got the members right, but Ace was a featured artist and not down with Ancient Coins. D-Mica is actually known as J.R. Spoons now. Do to the fact that my A&R album was a set up for Got Flow’s solo album, I had to regroup my whole life because of what happened. I finished 90 percent of my 1st solo album titled “Just Feel It’s Time”, but it won’t drop until my buzz is right, so you’ll find me on the new Prodigal Sunn and the new GZA albums. Got Flow is on my new mixtape “His-Story”, and on my solo album on two songs. Plus on the DVD I have coming out. So you’ll get the chance to know him real soon. Peace, the great Armel.

Requiescat in pace Got Flow

Wu-Tang 0 comments on Mixtape Saturday: Dr. Moon

Mixtape Saturday: Dr. Moon

American IronmanLast month the Dutch rapper Extince released his fourth album Toch?!. And remarkably the quiet Moongod Allah had two productions on this record. One of these is actually the first single from the album. He produced the tracks under the monniker Dr. Moon.

Extince – Repper-de-Klep
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Extince – Ik Weet Jij Houdt Van Hem ft. Derenzo
Prodution by Dr. Moon

Cilvaringz – Man, Woman & Child ft. Michael Maidwell
Production by Cilvaringz & Bronze Nazareth

T.H.U.G. Angelz – 144,000
Production by Shroom

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The Story of Officer Brown & Kase

Method Man – The Heart Gently Weeps:

What’s up with Officer Brown? The other day he tried to shackle me up
He killed Kase and now he hassling us
This motherfucker got balls, even the gaul to try and patten me up

Shyheim – Jiggy Comin’:

One love y’all stay safe
And fuck you, Officer Brown, peace to that nigga Case

Cappadonna – Run:

peep Marcel and Brown comin around, dippin the loco
run, if you ever got somethin on you, son

Me and the god back to back 1-85 with the 4-5, survive that chase,
you took case, even though I remember ya face

Intouch’ posted an article over at ChamberMusik that is worth reading for the Wu heads. It’s an old one an dates back to 1994. Point in question here is the story of Officer Brown and Kase, as mnetioned often in Wu’s lyrics. So here it is for the slow saturday reading.

Kudos to Intouch’ for digging this up.
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Wu-Tang 1 comment on 1200 Warriors

1200 Warriors

1200 WarriorsChoco got a new venture:

1200 WARRIORS is made up of DJ Choco A.K.A. G-dubs & Junior Rivero A.K.A. DJ Rivero. After 15+ years of friendship and a couple of collaborative projects, the two are teaming up to bring you 1200 WARRIORS.

With influences from the streets of Washington Heights in New York City and straight from their ethnic roots they bring a new era of music. A mixture of Hard House, Disco, and Dance with a touch of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop.

Nevertheless, the two also have their solo careers as DJs, Remixers, and Producers.

For many years DJ Choco has been the main engineer for the Wu-Tang Clan and the RZA. In tandem, having successive House hits such as “New Day” on 4th Floor Records and 95 South’s “Sunday Shouting” B-Boy Shouting Remix on Defected Records.

DJ Rivero started out as a local DJ, which got him into Editing, Remixing and Production.Now being dragged out from behind the scenes, the 1200 WARRIORS have scored their smash on Defected Records titled “Gangsta House” featuring the legendary KRS-ONE on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Compilation which was re-released on Slaag Traax.
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Raekwon, Wu-Tang 2 comments on Minus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox

Minus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox

8 Diagrams Press PhotoMinus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox
Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 By Shellie Branco / Californian

Dynasty born in ’90s set to perform in support of its latest CD — ‘The 8 Diagrams’ — Saturday

Get the Wu-Tang Clan on a 17-hour bus ride to Denver and you’ve got a situation that one of the members compares to an RV full of orphans.

“So you could pretty much see how we act,” says Raekwon, a.k.a. the Chef, during a phone interview on said crazy/loud bus after working on some beats for a future song.

They may be a Shaolin-inspired hip-hop dynasty born of the 1990s, one of the first to put out a clothing line, but they don’t always require luxury, Raekwon claims.

“Sometimes we don’t get the right bus,” he says. “We’re used to flat screens and all that. Sometimes we catch a regular TV.”
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Ghostface Relives ‘Wisdom Body,’ Talks Wu-Tang Rifts

Ghostface at AOLGhostface Relives ‘Wisdom Body,’ Talks Wu-Tang Rifts
Posted Dec 19th 2007 1:00PM by Tracey Ford / AOL

“My lyricism is crazy different from people, because I got style. I have swagger in my rhymes,” Ghostface Killah told AOL Music during a taping of an exclusive 16 Bars freestyle segment in our New York studios. “I swing from a different web than a lot of these other emcees.”

This emcee certainly moves to the beat of his own drum, as he proved when he delved into his illustrious career to pull out a 12-year-old rhyme, polish it and spit over Jay-Z’s ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’

Before breaking into the verse, he contributed to fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon’s ‘Wisdom Body,’ off 1995’s ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx,’ Ghostface explained the importance of freestyle and admitted that he prefers to put his rhymes down on paper.
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8 Diagrams, GZA, Wu-Tang 4 comments on GZA’s POV & Projects

GZA’s POV & Projects

GZAGZA – Real Talk
Article by: Jon Michael

With the release of the new Wu-Tang album (8 Diagrams) only days away, stories about the group’s infighting has been grabbing headlines the past few weeks.

Last month, Ghostface accused the Wu-Tang hierarchy of failing to fully compensate him and trying to halt the release of his latest solo album, Big Doe Rehab.

Barely two weeks later, Raekwon would also express his frustration saying that the group was not happy with RZA’s direction for the new album. He also claimed that money was being withheld from him and said that the group plan to release another album without RZA.

In an interview with British hip hop radio host Tim Westwood last week , RZA stressed that he has never taken any money from anybody in the group and claimed that “Everything [was] back [to] peace already.”

But it seems everything is still not peace. Last night (November 29) , posted an interview it conducted with Ghostface in which the rapper revealed his displeasure with 8 Diagrams.

“That s**t is wack,” Ghost said. “I heard RZA was changing some of the beats around the last minute. I didn’t hear that. I don’t know what y’all listening to out there. I never heard it. I’m with Raekwon.”

Ghost also revealed that he had taken his monetary dispute with RZA and the Wu-Tang hierarchy to court.

“I just won my court case from them niggas,” stresse d Ghost. “The suit been in there for three years. So put that out there. They just lost their fucking case. So who don’t owe who money? Let’s get it straight, RZA. That’s all I’m sayin’, baby. It was a loss, they lost. L-O-S-T. That’s really it.

“[RZA] real sneaky. I love him, though. Ain’t no bad blood,” he added “ Ain’t nobody doing no bad to him. It’s just that you can’t get money with a nigga.”

Prior to Ghost’s interview with Rhapsody hitting the net, Sixshot’s Jon Michael got a chance to talk to GZA about Raekwon’s comments, 8 Diagrams, and the state of hip hop.

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Ghostface Killah, Wu-Tang 0 comments on OB4CL been worked on with Ghost, No Swift & Changeable

OB4CL been worked on with Ghost, No Swift & Changeable

GhostfaceGhostface Thinking ‘Big’ With Albums, Book
November 30, 2007, 11:15 AM ET
Jeff Vrabel, Savannah, Ga.

Ghostface Killah barely let the dust settle after his 2006 double-shot of “Fishscale” and “More Fish” before starting work on his new “The Big Doe Rehab,” due Tuesday (Dec. 4) via Def Jam.

“I finished ‘More Fish,’ and just started looking for beats,” he tells “I wanted a lot of street songs on (the record).” First single “We Celebrate” samples Rare Earth’s “I Just Want To Celebrate,” but tracks like “Yolanda’s House” (featuring Method Man and Raekwon) and “Walk Around” are heavy on the wicked, esoteric narratives for which he’s become known.

“I experimented with a lot of sh*t on ‘Fishscale’ and ‘Pretty Toney,'” he says. “I wanted to go back to the street.”

“Rehab” arrives just a week ahead of “8 Diagrams,” the first Wu-Tang Clan album in six years. The group will hit the road next month, but Ghostface, who missed several shows during Wu-Tang’s summer outing, acknowledges the on-stage lineup may change from night to night.

“We just go out and see who’s with it,” he says. “Some might not, and we’ve got to work around schedules to see where it’ll fit, because if it don’t fit, there’ll be another head missing, and (people) will start talking all that sh*t.”

Controversy has followed Ghostface of late, after “Rehab” was initially scheduled to drop on the same day as “8 Diagrams.” But the rapper says the situation was resolved simply by Wu-Tang moving their date back a week. “That’s just what it is,” he says. “I’m good, I’m alright. (People) are gonna hear my record anyway.”

One record they won’t hear for a while is his long-rumored collaboration with MF Doom. “Not as of right now,” he reports. “I’m about to go on the road again and I gotta finish up (the sequel to ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’) with Raekwon, so maybe when everything gets cleared out of the way, but we’ll find a space.”

Acting’s been on his mind, too Ghostface’s “Iron Man” fixation scored him a cameo in the 2008 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. He also appears in the Judd Apatow-directed parody biopic “Walk Hard,” performing the Marshall Crenshaw-penned title track alongside Lyle Lovett, Jewel and Jackson Browne.

Finally, Jan. 8 will see the release of a Ghostface self-help manual, based on a series of promotional MTV shorts he shot in 2005 and what he calls “the world according to me, how I see certain things in my life, the way I explain s—.”

“This is my job right here,” he says of his busy schedule. “It feeds my babies and takes care of the bills.”

Source: Billboard

Wu-Tang 0 comments on New Dom Pachino Album Coming

New Dom Pachino Album Coming

Dom Pachino from Killarmy will be releasing a new album very soon. This is reported by G-Clef on the Chambermusik forums. The new LP will be called Power Rulez.


Excuse the caps. It’s a quote.

Source: chambermusik

Wu-Tang 0 comments on Sunday Randomness: South Central’s Finest Raw From LA

Sunday Randomness: South Central’s Finest Raw From LA

This one is from the Manchild period:

South Central’s Finest Raw From LA

LA Nutt chops it up with rapper/actor Shyheim. Most noted as “The Rugged Child”, he signed his first deal with Virgin records when he was 14 years old. Shyheim stems from the Wu Tang Clan. And has been in films like “The Preachers Wife” and “Original Gangsters”.