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How To Let A Hype Die 101: With Wu-Tang [HGW Video]

Here is what I was waiting for. The Heart Gently Weeps Video. Was it worth the wait? Can we read the family feuds form it? Did it come to late? Could this have saved 8 Diagrams? IS Ghost happy with it or was the geisha’s forehead too big? Is that RZA on the editing? Are we getting more video’s? Is this how you introduce Wu-Tang to a new generation? Where was Meth, Ghost & Rae at? Does it need more Wu? Where does the dancing geisha remind me of?

Looks like both BDR & 8D went kind of flat line. Maybe, just maybe they should have cooperated in re-establishing the Wu-Tang brand. Instead one shot down the left of the chair under the other not knowing they were dangling from the same rope. The helpless cries we witnessed. It was out of our hands once they shifted the focus. Kanye & 50 knew how to push sales. They didn’t with their tremendous track record. What did go wrong?
All well. A lot of new stuff is coming. I am not following that any more. Too many disappointments, last weeks Red & Meth show in Amsterdam not being one of them though. Strike the iron when its hot. It is not that difficult. On that note I’m calling it EPIC FAIL.
Thanks for the video though. It still has a bit of cheap feeling to it. Maybe that’s just GZA’s acting. But finally we got something. You do care. Yet we grew up and drifted away to our own destinies.

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You Can’t Stop Me Now

If my mind recalls correctly You Can’t Stop Me Now was a title planned to be on the 8 Diagrams album. Previous news bits have John Frusciante playing on the guitars and RZA doing production. Now like suspected it ended up elsewhere. The new bobby digital album to be exact.

To be fair the track is real nice. No real bobby feel here. I approve.

On another note, the cover you see here is done by Gary Alford and seems to be an early sketch for the cover. The album is slated for a July 1st release.


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8 Diagrams Metal Box Set

8 Diagrams Metal BoxComing March 3 2008

  • DVD
    • Enter The 8 Diagrams: The Wu-Tang Clan in the studio,8 Diagrams in their own words, raw and uncut behind-the-scenes / live material.
    • Live In Europe 2007: Previously unseen & unreleased concert footage.
    • London, Paris, Berlin – One Week With RZA: An intimate insight into the promotion trip for 8 Diagrams in fall 2007, join RZA on his interview tour through europe.
  • T-Shirt
    • 210 gramms-finest-cotton original black wu-wear t-shirt, strictly limited 8 Diagrams edition.

    8 Diagrams T-Shirt

Track List

  1. Campfire
  2. Take It Back
  3. Get Them Out Ya Way Pa
  4. Rushing Elephants
  5. Unpredictable – Feat. Dexter Wiggle
  6. The Heart Gently Weps – Feat Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison And John Frusciante
  7. Wolves
  8. Gun Will Go – Feat Sunny Valentine
  9. Sunlight
  10. Stick Me For My Riches – Feat Gerald Austin
  11. Starter – Feat Sunny Valentine And Tasmahogany
  12. Windmill
  13. Weak Spot
  14. Life Changes
  15. Tar Pit – Feat George Clinton
  16. 16th Chamber

Disc 2

  1. Enter The 8 Diagrams
  2. Live In Europe 2007
  3. London Paris Berlin One Week With RZA
  4. The Heart Gently Weeps

Release Today

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Some Added Value To The Heart Gently Weeps

John FruscianteNow this my be a gamble, but I think not everybody here knows that John Frusciante, one of the guitar players on The Heart Gently Weeps. was a heroin addict, let alone a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just as I as searching for something I came across this article on him.

It was only in the last few weeks of 1996 that Frusciante was finally able to kick the three-year habit that contributed to the loss of his Hollywood Hills home and the gradual deterioration of his body; earlier this year, John’s remaining teeth were removed and replaced by dentures in order to avoid a life-threatening infection. His right forearm appears badly burned, and his speech, though filled with interesting insights and word games, is slurred and erratic.

Till I Reach the Higher Ground, Guitar Player Magazine- November ’97, by James Rotondi

To me this certainly gives a new insight to the song. And he must be the one that told RZA about the all the other heroin addicted guitar players through times. It must have meant a lot to Frusciante to play on this record while the others were talking about the other sides of the heroin business.

Here’s a more complete recap from Wikipedia:

1992–1997: Drug addiction

Frusciante developed serious drug habits as a result of touring with the band during the previous four years. He said that when he “found out that Flea was stoned out of his mind at every show, that inspired me to be a pothead”.[21] Not only was Frusciante smoking large amounts of marijuana, he began using heroin and was on the verge of full-scale addiction. He went back to his home in California and fell into a deep state of depression; feeling that his life was over, and that he could no longer write music or play guitar.[19] For a long period of time, he focused primarily on painting and producing 4-track recordings he had made during the time he spent recording Blood Sugar Sex Magik. To cope with his worsening depression, Frusciante significantly increased his heroin use to a state of abuse; and subsequently spiraled into a life-threatening dependency.[22] According to Frusciante, his use of heroin to medicate his depression was a clear decision: “I was very sad, and I was always happy when I was on drugs; therefore, I should be on drugs all the time. I was never guilty—I was always really proud to be an addict.”[23]
Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt sample:
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Take It Back Err

Take It Back Raekwon

Take It Back has just hit the net and already the first error in the video has been sighted. Although the video spells Raekwons name right when he is rapping, they have made an error with his name in the bigger picture. How this could have slipped in, no idea. The video was announced two months ago around the LP release. Together with a video for Heart Gently Weeps. So they would have had enough time to correct it. This is only a small error in the complete picture that is 8 Diagrams.

Take It Back error Raekwon Raewkwon

The above image is only flashed on for an approximate of three second. But the RaeWkwon is easily noticed.

As it is looking now, people are glad to see a video. But the majority is disappointed by the video itself. Saying it looks like some outsourced job. A guy slapping some images together and kicking it out. Some not even believing that this is official. Off course with RZA living it out in Hollywood, they could have done something better than this. You can’t fool me saying RZA is not connecting with people. May be even if QT had the time he would be dying to do a Clan video. Because in all reality this is a pretty shitty video for their first collaborative effort in seven years. For now it is as official as the Wu gets.

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RZA: Digi Snacks Is Finished

RZA has only one eyeclaa7 got together a small recap from a RZA interview featured in the Swedish KingSize magazine. Here are a few things he pointed out that were said in the interview:

  • RZA announces that the whole ‘Digi Snacks‘ album is finished but put to the side for the release of 8 Diagrams (the goes same for OB4CL2). Bobby has matured allot on the album. This will be showcased by writing of the songs, which has gotten better according to RZA. There is a really beautiful song on Digi Snacks that’s called ‘Drama‘ which has an incredible chorus and Bobby tells people how to make their lives better. That one feels like a hit-record. But there is also tracks like ‘My Lovin’ Is Digi Pt.2‘ where he just talks shit; “my dick is hard” – that’s that Bobby Digital shit.
  • He says that his favourite Wu-Tang album is ‘Return To The 36 Chambers,’ there is no other album that provides so much joy. It’s a true piece of art.
  • In 1997 RZA found a book on music-theory which started his translation from hip-hop producer to musician. The first beats he made after reading this book were ‘It’s Yourz‘ and ‘Triumph.’
  • He says that Ghostface has a very good ear for music and that he is 100% sure that if he just learned how to use a sampler he would never have to work with a producer again. He also says that INS is the only one in the Clan that learned how to make beats and that ”He actually done a couple beats that are quite interesting.”
  • He gives a prediction that Young DB (ODB’s son) will have a hit-record on top of the charts in 2 years. And it will be a real song-song that people can sing along to. “That’s my first priority when 8 Diagrams is over; Young Dirty Bastard – he is wild, seventeen years old but just like his father. If he just can keep his health.”

Kudos to claa7 for translating the bits

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How We Treat Them Hoes: Life Changes

Did ya see that?Anybody remember the reversed RZA line on Life Changes? Which turned out to be ‘fuck ’em in the butt’. I think some may have missed that because we ran the article quite some time before the album got released. Well here are the two bits again.

Life Changes Snippet Original

Life Changes Snippet Reversed

So you heard the thing. Now that piece originates from the infamous Radio 1 Tim Westwood show they did around the release of Forever. Listen to the next sample to hear what it was all about.
Wu-Tang Clan Live In London – X-Rated

Download the Complete Live Session here.
Adn do it because it is a classic piece of Wu-Tang history. Meth, Dirty & RZA taking calls and leaving the callers clueless. And it goes on for quite some time too. Check it out.

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MK Thinks People Are Not Ready For 8D

Masta Killa SssshhhhWu Tang Clan: Interview With Masta Killa
Jan. 09, 2008 The Power Of Perception
by: Patrick Slevin

Six years was the longest period fans had yet to wait for a reconvening of the Wu-Tang Clan, but following some festival plays in 2007, the group released 8 Diagrams last month to a warm reception. Its very anticipation was a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop community that they’ve been such an influential and integral part of, pervading all aspects of the business and art.

Strangely, though, coming out of production, it wasn’t the album Masta Killa thought he and his fellow swordsmen would be releasing. A more reflective listen than what many were expecting to hear, the grand return of the Wu is not the joyous record that might have been expected from the conquering masters of hip-hop.

Their first release without their beloved Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the direction taken on 8 Diagrams was expressly what has made the Wu-Tang Clan unique over the years—their power to create what no one else is. As MK describes, the swordsmen are simply conquering another chamber.
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Rae & Cap Video Interview about 8D, ODB & Freestyle

Got these three video’s from the AT&T site. Decided to rip them and upload them for better viewing together. So there ya go. Original source at the bottom.

Interview: Raekwon & Cappadonna talk about 8 Diagrams (1/3)

Interview: Wu-Tang reminisces about ODB, and Wu-Tang forever (2/3)

Behind the Scenes: A special freestyle just for the Blueroom (3/3)

Source: AT&T Blueroom (via)

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These boots are made for..

Fila & Wu the dou who brought the Wu Fila Cream (which were kinda hot) are ready to drop another one.


These waterproof workboots are the follow-up to the Wu Fila Cream sneakers that dropped last year. They appear to come in three colorways (black/black, navy/black, and gray/ black) and feature a bright yellow Wu-Tang logo. Word on the web is that they’re supposed to hit stores sometime in the fall of 2008.

We need Cappa to youtube this one, cause ain’t feeling it. What’s you take on it?

source: SOHH

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‘I Zag While Others Zig’ -RZA

RZA hits‘I zag while others zig’
By Nick Edwards
Published: January 19 2008 01:04 | Last updated: January 19 2008 01:04

At a Los Angeles airport, fiancée by his side, RZA, the rapper, actor, soundtrack composer and producer of the legendary hip-hop outfit the Wu-Tang Clan, sits with his new baby on his knee. The erstwhile Robert Diggs is trying to fit in a rare family break while promoting his band’s first album in seven years, and talking to me with his mobile phone pressed to his ear.

It’s 15 years since WTC released their legendary debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). “We were like a whole youth group or boys’ home,” RZA (pronounced riz-ah) says fondly of the original nine-strong band made up of friends and family from Staten Island, New York. Their music depicted the dirty heart of America in the 1990s, in the same way that the gangster films of Martin Scorsese or Brian De Palma did for the 1970s. A flurry of classic solo releases from other band members – GZA/The Genius, Raekwon, ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Ghostface Killah and Method Man – followed, though they are generally considered collective Wu-Tang releases as they were all produced by RZA and featured all the group members.

Their gritty raw sound dominated hip-hop during this period. To the wider world, the horrific depictions in their lyrics of the fresh blood of a crime scene or a sexually debased act summed up all that was bad about hip-hop, and Gangsta rap in particular. Yet the multilayered lyrical style, which embraces references from mythology and politics, literature and graphic novels, always underpinned by producer RZA’s ground-breaking techniques, gave fans of the genre an experience of depth and soul far beyond that of their contemporaries.
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