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Sales Week Number 5 [Updated]

8 Diagrams Press PhotoAccording to SixShot 8 Diagrams sold a mere 7,600 copies last week. Coming to a total of 139,800. With that the Wu ranks #9 on the Rap Chart. Last week it ranked #8 ahead of Scarface’s M.A.D.E. Now it ranks behind.

I’ll update as soon as I have the Billboard number.

Found the numbers. They are still in the Top 100 at number 86. I just wonder for how long they are going to remain there. A single with video is needed more and more before it all fades out.

And another one. Big Doe Rehab holds ground at number 190. Almost closing the chart.

[Edit: I was looking for the trend of Big Doe Rehab. And it seems it re-entered the chart. BY the second week of 8 Diagrams it had completely fallen off the 200.]

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The Story of Officer Brown & Kase

Method Man – The Heart Gently Weeps:

What’s up with Officer Brown? The other day he tried to shackle me up
He killed Kase and now he hassling us
This motherfucker got balls, even the gaul to try and patten me up

Shyheim – Jiggy Comin’:

One love y’all stay safe
And fuck you, Officer Brown, peace to that nigga Case

Cappadonna – Run:

peep Marcel and Brown comin around, dippin the loco
run, if you ever got somethin on you, son

Me and the god back to back 1-85 with the 4-5, survive that chase,
you took case, even though I remember ya face

Intouch’ posted an article over at ChamberMusik that is worth reading for the Wu heads. It’s an old one an dates back to 1994. Point in question here is the story of Officer Brown and Kase, as mnetioned often in Wu’s lyrics. So here it is for the slow saturday reading.

Kudos to Intouch’ for digging this up.
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Sales Sales Sales Sales = 4th Week

After all the promo for The Big Doe Rehab, we haven’t seen or heard anything new for it since it dropped of the chart. That’s pretty sad for Ghost. And where is that Celebrate video? Because this was the shoot, wasn’t it.

Anyways, with no real single or video out 8 Diagrams dropped a few spots this week to #83 on the Billboard Chart. Pushing 11,267 units this week. Bringing it to a total of 132,248 sold units.

8 Diagrams is holding strong. But it needs a serious push to remain in the charts for some weeks. I wonder how the situation is being handled over at teh SRC offices.

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Wu Fans Takeover Poll

8 Diagrams Double CoverHow does the internet work? Well like this:

According to Last Week’s Poll
Would anyone mind explaining to me what happened to last week’s poll? I leave the Internets for one week – to get drunk every night of the week and spend hours on end playing video games; and to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the man who made all this (misery) possible – and I come back to find that motherfucking 8 Diagrams has won last week’s rap albums of the year poll.

That can’t be right, can it?

Last week I took 20 of the year’s best rap albums and pit them against one another in a poll to see which was the best rap album of the year. Then I left it up for another week while I was off doing my thing. Here’s how it turned out.

Rap album of the year?

1. Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams (326 votes)
2. Kanye West – Graduation (224 votes)
3. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool (199 votes)
4. Jay-Z – American Gangster (124 votes)
5. El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead (73 votes)
6. Prodigy – Return of the Mac (61 votes)
7. Ghostface Killah – The Big Doe Rehab (59 votes)
8. UGK – Underground Kingz (58 votes)
9. Little Brother – Getback (50 votes)
10. Talib Kweli – Ear Drum (46 votes)

There is still power in numbers.

Source: Byron Crawford

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HHNLive: Again 8 Diagrams

Meth at Rock The BellsAnd accompanying this with video’s of Rae’s rant isn’t exactly credible.

Winner (or loser?): Wu-Tang Clan “8 Diagrams”

Wu-Tang fans didn’t really need to hear “8 Diagrams” to know it would be disappointing. Leading up to the album’s release group members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon spoke out loudly about the quality of the album, the direction RZA was taking and even voiced issues with how RZA was handling the group’s finances. It seemed Hip-Hop’s favorite family of shaolin warriors was collapsing at the seams. And then the album came. “8 Diagrams” seemed lifeless and was missing the raw, spit or die feeling that ran rampant through the Wu’s previous releases. It was further evidence that sometimes going out on top is the best way.

On the other hand, they did choose Ghosts The Big Doe Rehab as Runner Up for album of the year. Kanye took that crown.

Source: HHNLive

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HHDX Calls 8 Diagrams Most Dissapointing

8 Diagrams coverIt wasn’t that album. But it wasn’t that dissapointing either. Just how would it have been received without all the drama.

Most Dissapointing Album of the Year
Wu-Tang Clan – 8 Diagrams
For Wu-Tang fans everywhere, this was as upsetting as it was disappointing. Nobody wanted to believe the words of Raekwon and Ghostface as the public inched towards its first Wu album in years. But when it finally smacked us upside the head with its overbearing mediocrity, there was hardly a Wu fan who could honestly get behind this project. It didn’t help that Ghostface’s Big Doe Rehab was heads and shoulders better than this lump of coal in everyone’s Christmas stocking.

Runners Up
T.I. – T.I. vs T.I.P.
50 Cent – Curtis
Hi-Tek – Hi-Teknology 3

Source: HipHopDX

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2nd Week Sales For 8 Diagrams (updated with numbers)

8 Diagrams Double CoverDon’t have too much info on this. It’s just that the Clan dropped alot. From the #25 spot to #82. I’ll drop the figures as soon as I have them. No word on The Big Doe Rehab. Okay I got them. 8D pushed 30,000 this week. Coming to a totall of 101,100 copies.

This week Mary J entered the chart with at #2. Doing quite good. Alicia st dropped one place to third. Lupe did it Cool at 15. And Birdman dropped with Wu too 52. Kanye gained some spots and Jay-Z lost three to 43.

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Some 8 Diagrams Facts

8 Diagrams coverI got these from the wutangcorp forums. Venex there posted these bits of a RZA interview the dutch magazine called RIFRAF did. PRetty interesting stuff.

  • Masta killa was always around when they recorded the album…sometimes he even slept there on the studiofloor. the RZA really thanks him for that.
  • But the RZA says it’s raekwon who really takes the crown! since his single “state of grace” the man is a rhyming machine, sometimes i ask myself where he keeps getting it..he writes his lyrics very fast, ghost might have dropped a jewel on “my heart gently weeps”, but to me RAEKWON IS ALREADY MORE THEN A YEAR THE BEST MC IN THE BUSINESS (RZA)
  • his fixed costs (don’t know if this is the right translation) amount 50 000 dollars EVERY MONTH
  • the RZA was first planning REDMAN to replace ol’ dirty bastard, especially because ghostface took so long, he was planning to call Reggie. But redman got his own thing going on and that’s why he asked George Clinton. Him and dirty could get along very well.

Venex wants to be famous! So, venex, venex, venex KUDOS!

Source: venex

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2nd Week Sales The Big Doe Rehab

thebigrehab1.jpgStarting at #41 The Big Doe Rehab slipped into oblivion to #115 this week. With only 15,000 units sold, adding to a total of 51k sold over the course of it’s first two weeks. According to Billboard the total sales of this week were down 23.1% in comparison to last year. It’s certainly not looking too bright for Ghost.

8 Diagrams did a total of over 68,000 according to the official soundscan numbers.

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8 Diagrams Press Reviews

8 Diagrams coverBillboard

Ghostface Killah is as wickedly esoteric as ever, Method Man sounds reinvigorated and snapped out of his recent slump, and Raekwon, who’s been on record decrying 8 Diagrams, is ice-pick sharp.

All Music Guide

Whether they love it or hate it. It is a departure from previous releases and it does focus on melody and guitars and strings, but it is also lush and well-crafted and smart and addictive.

Rap Reviews

In the end, 8 Diagrams is a very good album that is best appreciated when taken out of the shadow of the Clan’s greatest endeavors.

Pitchfork (this is a review I really liked for some reason)

Of course, in due time–maybe it’ll take years–8 Diagrams will sink in as a compelling, well-regarded album.

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