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Raekwon: Politick Ditto

dittoWhile Ice Water is ready spray some Polluted Waters in our direction, it’s their captain/mentor who gets on the grind and gives interviews left and right like their foodstamps. That’s the price to pay when your ass is on 75% of their cd cover! Am not complaining though, I rather see Rae polying over.. well anything! Check out this amazing interview conducted by AHH, where Lex talks about the state of his grace, Ice Waters & (you guessed it) Cuban Linx 2.

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Raekwon Raps: Ice Water, Wu-Tang, ‘Cuban Linx’

Raekwon The Chef and his foodRaekwon Raps: Ice Water, Wu-Tang, ‘Cuban Linx’

August 15, 2007, 10:20 AM ET
Gary Graff, Detroit

With the unveiling of his proteges Ice Water, Wu-Tang Clan and solo albums on the horizon, and a run on the Rock the Bells tour, Raekwon can make a case for being the hardest-working man in hip-hop these days.

“One things about the Chef — I’m constantly working, man,” the Staten Island MC tells “If I’m not doing one thing, I’m doing another thing. I’m trying to wear all these hats right now as far as being an artist, a writer, a businessman, a producer. I constantly stay on my job.” Continue Reading “Raekwon Raps: Ice Water, Wu-Tang, ‘Cuban Linx’”

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RTB review by


Wanna lose weight while listening to dope Hip-Hop? You didn’t have to hit the gym this past weekend as the Rock The Bells tour hit Miami’s tropical climate. At that time of the year you either get flash floods or sauna-like conditions so I won’t complain, at least the event didn’t get cancelled.
Held in an open-air amphitheater, Rock The Bells started slowly around 3 P.M. with local acts The Fresh Air Fund (Butta Verses and D. Schwartz) followed by Mayday who actually impressed me with their use of instruments like bongos, guitar, turntables and keyboards. I gotta give both groups credit because it’s hard to open a festival of this magnitude.
Then came Raekwon’s proteges, Icewater. They didn’t really rock the crowd but the last song they performed, their single ‘Love Don’t Cost (A Thing)’ saved their show, too bad Method Man, who’s featured on the song didn’t show up….

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Raekwon: Hell’s Kitchen :: speaks short about ‘Perb

Raekwon at Kinetic PlaygroundThe Chef. Lex Diamonds. Whatever you address him as, no one should ever make the mistake of calling Raekwon scared. In this candid interview Rae fearlessly tells HipHopDX what’s really going on with the delayed release of his long-awaited Cuban Linx II album. He also frankly addresses rumors that the Wu-Tang Clan’s 8 Diagrams may never see the light of day, and that a certain former Team member is actually a Ghost writer. And before Rae can jet back to the kitchen to cook up some more heat, he lets us all know why we should cop his extended fam Icewater’s Polluted Water on August 28th, and why he is now officially a Lil’ Wayne fan.

HHDX: Is the Wu album really gonna drop this year? That URB article seemed to suggest the whole project may be falling apart.
Raekwon: Yeah, it’s gonna drop. We like 90% done with it. It’s a couple more things that we gotta add to the situation with it. It’s a classic in my eyes, as far as production and just what you would normally expect from Wu-Tang. It’s a good project and it’s definitely gonna be out this year.

HHDX: At the end of that same article, RZA is quoted as saying, with regards to 8 Diagrams, “If it’s not coming this year, it ain’t coming at all…If it doesn’t come this year, it don’t mean nothing no more.” Do you agree with his statement?
: Yeah, I agree with that. We never wanted to put out a project with not everybody on it. So I respect that [statement]. People wanna see the whole Clan on the album. We all do our own personal shit, so everybody had to sacrifice the time to appear on the record. If that wasn’t gonna happen, then it wouldn’t have been worth doing.

HHDX: And that segues perfectly into my next question. Again in that same article RZA said Ghostface hadn’t recorded at all for the album. Is that still true?
: Nah, Ghost is on the record. He did a couple of things on it. I guess at the time Ghost had a lot of things he had to do. Before Wu-Tang attained legendary status, we all came in as a family. But at the end of the day, we all got individual obligations that we gotta fulfill. So it gets rough sometimes. But it’s about sacrificing. And we all came to that agreement, that the fans love us when we do our thing together so we gonna give ‘em that. We knew how important doing this record was and so it got done.

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Update: Ice Water – Do It Big ft. Busta Rhymes & Raekwon

Raekwon at Kinetic just got a new Ice Water track up on their site. I don’t know what to say. To tired for words. I’ll let Rae speak with this picture. Okay it’s worth a listen. Just check it out. Now Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.

Ice Water – Do It Big ft. Busta Rhymes & Raekwon

Edit: I added some download links for the tracks.

HipHop Tribute
Tell Me How You Like It ft. Remy Ma
Do It Big ft. Busta Rhymes

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Ice Waters’ Polluted Water

Ice Water Polluted CoverRaekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan to unveil the long awaited debut from the Ice Water clique on August 28th via Babygrande Records

Highly anticipated album features Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Three Six Mafia, Remy Ma, Jagged Edge & more.

Under the tutelage of Wu-Tang Clan’s resident chef Raekwon, the four-man crew of Polite, Stomach, P.C. (Paulie Caskets) and D.C. (Donnie Cash) marks Staten Island’s return to prominence as a hotbed for fresh, credible talent. Die hard fans may remember Ice Water from their appearances on several tracks on Raekwon’s last album, 2002’s “The Lex Diamond Story,” as well as their opening stints for the Chef on his subsequent 30+ state tour. As Raekwon confirms, “We knew these cats had potential way back, but the timing wasn’t right. I always kept a radar on dudes, and when I felt they was ready mentally and lyrically, I helped ‘em get on.”

Raekwon compares his protracted development of the group to raising
pitbulls: “I’m training these pits. I’ve got them on the treadmill, and I’m beating ‘em, feedin’ ‘em hot sauce and steaks, so they’re ready for this industry.”

Honed and focused, Ice Water’s debut, Raekwon presents…Ice Water:
”Polluted Water,” will finally be released on August 28th on Babygrande Records, home to such renowned and critically acclaimed talent as Hi-Tek, GZA, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique and more. Raekwon states, “Babygrande recognized that Wu is a brand, and we’ve got so many different divisions of rappers around us.”

But is Ice Water really ready for the spotlight?

The veteran multi-platinum selling MC speaks earnestly, justifying the time he’s taken to refine the quartet’s innate skills: “I can’t put my name on anything that I feel is not on my level. These dudes are on my level, that’s why I pushed for the project; I believe in them.” A-listers such as Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Three Six Mafia and Jagged Edge believed too, appearing on a number of the album’s tracks, which also features appearances from Rae himself and Method Man, along with production by such renowned producers as Scram Jones, Jagged Edge and EZ-Elpee. According to Rae, the collaborations weren’t just a result of Rae’s industry stature: “Yea I pushed a couple of buttons. Busta Rhymes, he’s a good friend of ours; but he knew where these dudes was at. Nobody would represent these guys if they didn’t have a good taste in they mouth about dudes”

Honing their craft for over a decade, Ice Water has paid their dues.
Indeed, the release of “Polluted Water” marks both the return and rebirth of Staten Island hip-hop. The significance of the group’s long awaited emergence from the Wu-Tang Clan’s very own Shaolin stomping ground is not lost on Master Chef Raekwon: “At the end of the day, I knew I’d never build another dynasty with eight or nine dudes. But these dudes’ chemistry is perfect. This is the next dynasty.”

Raekwon presents…Ice Water: “Polluted Water” hits stores August 28th, 2007.

For further information and to preview tracks from the album: