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Where did this ODB track come from?

Pretty sick tune that crossed my path the other day. An unreleased track by Ol’ Dirty, of which there are not many left any more. Produced by The RZA, and it is actually banging. Too bad about the quality, but it leave me wondering from which era this is. Sounds like his 2nd album though.
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Digging for Dirt

At last, something to look forward too. ODB may be gone but the god ‘is’ releasing some shit way more interesting than his wu brethren. I love the idea of generals putting out books. I hope someday to read UG’s life story. (am serious, don’t laugh)

Big baby jesus, I can’t wait!

The life and career of the late rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard will be chronicled in a new book schedule to hit shelves in early December. The biography, titled Digging for Dirt: The Life and Death of ODB, focuses on his rise to fame and includes first-hand accounts from friends, relatives, and of course, his Wu-Tang Clan family.
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Erykah Badu Makes Haunting Mention Of Dirty On New Album

This comes from one of the first reviews of the album.

Erykah Badu NEW AMERYKAH pt. 1 the BREAKDOWN!:

“”Telephone” – last track of the album inspired by a story Dilla’s mother told Badu. Evidently during his final days, Dilla would float in and out of coherence, having very real conversations with people no one else could see. One of these people, as Dilla told his mother, was ODB. Dirty was telling Dilla that when he gets to the other side not to get on the red bus, though it was inviting. The white bus would be the one to pick him up. Great, beautiful song. Lyric: “Telephone! It’s Old Dirty. He wants to give you directions home.” Only Badu could make ODB sound like a visionary guide through the afterlife. When people say funerals are celebrations of an individual’s life (as they fight back tears and look anything but celebratory), this song makes you believe it. The track closes with the uplifting words “Celebrate tonight” repeated.”

I’ll up the track as soon as I have it.

Erykah Badu – Telephone

Here’s the track.

Source: Okayplayer (via)

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Breevort G-Squad Shot Dirty in ’98?

G from Grandgood pointed this one out to me in the comments. This is from a village voice article on Fabolous and his Fabolous Life. Where a former NYPD detective by the name of Derrick Parker has this to say about the Breevort G-Squad.

Parker, in his book Notorious C.O.P., also explains that BGS members were responsible for shooting the late Russell Jones, a/k/a Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, in a robbery in 1998.

Fabolous grew up around BGS and, so the saying goes, helped them gain access to celebrities. This stuff must have been known around Wu. Now did they retaliate for this? Or let it slide? The rapscene is crazy.

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The Official ODB Merchandise

Ol’ Dirty Bastard r.i.p. shirtODB Online store loge on with authorized merchandise from the estate of Russell Jones via Merchdirect

In early January 2008, the New York-based MerchDirect announced that they had signed a deal with the estate of Russell Jones, aka “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” to produce and sell “authorized merchandise/wearable art sanctioned by widow Icelene Jones”. Lee Tepper, CEO of MerchDirect stated in the release that the initial ODB merchandise would be available for February, Black Music Month and true to his word, the “ODB Online store” (merchdirect.net/odb) will open its doors as of Tuesday, February 12th.

Media and fan response to the initial deal announcement was worldwide and news services, blogs, hip-hop sites, magazines, radio station sites, etc. reported that MerchDirect is the only “estate authorized company” permitted to manufacture a new line of ODB merchandise. The ODB news spread far and (world)wide: India, England, Canada, Suriname, Spain, Finland, The Netherlands, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, and the United States and now, the first facet of the line is available – the T-shirts.
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Ol’ Dirty Mural Gets Desecrated

Ol’ Dirty Mural DesecratedEverybody is pretty in the blue about who would do such a thing. It wasn’t like Dirty had so many enemies. And it just a paint roller going over it. Apocalypse is coming.

Who would do such a thing? The mural of Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Bed Stuy recently got licked with a paint roller, covering Ol Dirty’s mug and probably rendering the welfare card completely invalid. It was just last summer that the mural was painted by Victor Goldfeld on Putnam and Franklin Avenues. So who done it?

Ol’ Dirty Mural Before

Ol’ Dirty Mural Desecrated

Source: Razor Apple (via)

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How We Treat Them Hoes: Life Changes

Did ya see that?Anybody remember the reversed RZA line on Life Changes? Which turned out to be ‘fuck ’em in the butt’. I think some may have missed that because we ran the article quite some time before the album got released. Well here are the two bits again.

Life Changes Snippet Original

Life Changes Snippet Reversed

So you heard the thing. Now that piece originates from the infamous Radio 1 Tim Westwood show they did around the release of Forever. Listen to the next sample to hear what it was all about.
Wu-Tang Clan Live In London – X-Rated

Download the Complete Live Session here.
Adn do it because it is a classic piece of Wu-Tang history. Meth, Dirty & RZA taking calls and leaving the callers clueless. And it goes on for quite some time too. Check it out.

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Ol’ Dirty Comments On New Nas Album Cover

Nigga Please reissueFat Lace made some funny post with this reaction by Dirty from beyond death. And the reissuing of N***a Please to Nigga Please.

Dirt McGirt is outraged by Nas’ move to wear a suit on his new album cover and pretend to look intelligent by reading an old issue of ‘The Spectator’ he found in the Gents. “Rappers don’t wear suits,” asserts Osirus, “real rappers rock Wally’s and Wu Wear, nigga please”. When prompted for his opinion on Nas openly using an expletive for his new album title and why he saw fit to edit the cover of his sophomore release, Dirt Dog replied “My fountain pen leaked, that’s that, but we thought it looked edgy, I designed my own logo too”.

Complete post here: ‘N Bomb’ rage reaches heaven

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Rae & Cap Video Interview about 8D, ODB & Freestyle

Got these three video’s from the AT&T site. Decided to rip them and upload them for better viewing together. So there ya go. Original source at the bottom.

Interview: Raekwon & Cappadonna talk about 8 Diagrams (1/3)

Interview: Wu-Tang reminisces about ODB, and Wu-Tang forever (2/3)

Behind the Scenes: A special freestyle just for the Blueroom (3/3)

Source: AT&T Blueroom (via)

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Masta Killa Still Distills Over Dirty

Masta KillaWu-Tang Clan to invade Toad’s Place
Masta Killa and company release emotional fifth album, ‘8 Diagrams’

By David Friedman MUSIC WRITER

Even the hardest of rappers — members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan — underwent a range of emotions when it came time to record songs for their fifth studio album, “8 Diagrams.”

For emcee Masta Killa, there was the joy of working with funk icon George Clinton on the track “Wolves,” which also includes verses from Clan members U-God and Method Man. Masta Killa called his mother to share the news that he’d be collaborating with Clinton, whose music his mother used to play at home when he was growing up.

Then came “Life Changes,” a tribute to late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who will be noticeably absent when the group headlines Jan. 13 at Toad’s Place in New Haven.

“That track (messed) me up,” Masta Killa said in a Jan. 3 interview from a Las Vegas hotel room. “It still kind of (messes) me up every time I hear it because I miss my brother, you know? I’m not even the type of dude that distills too much. When I say distills, I mean cry. I’m one for sucking it up and turning it into positive energy. But even when I was writing that, I had a shed a tear or two. It was hard. And I did it in the studio where he expired at. It was kind of tough.”
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AHH: Ol’ Dirty Merchandise Coming To Stores

odb12.jpgOl’ Dirty Merchandise Coming To Stores
Published Monday, December 31, 2007 1:13 PM By Roman Wolfe / AHH

The estate of Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard has entered into an agreement with Long Island, New York based company MerchDirect, to produce a new line of Ol’ Dirty t-shirts, posters and other accessories featuring the late rapper’s image.

According to Newsday, Ol’ Dirty Bastards widow Icelene Jones entered into an agreement with MerchDirect to produce the new lines, which are slated to land in stores around February.

MerchDirect produces official merchandise for a diverse group of artists like R&B singer Sean Kingston, legendary rock group Blue Oyster Cult and pop singer Joss Stone.

“We feel that ODB appeals to Taking Back Sunday’s fans but also appeals to a Joss Stone fan or the white suburban kids who totally love it and get it, and it’s authentic Hip-Hop that real Hip-Hop guys are going to go for,” commented Lee Tepper, one of MerchDirect’s co-founders. “He is definitely an artist that crosses boundaries of genres, and he not only appeals to all genres, but he’s respected, and everyone can relate to his wackiness in a way.”
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