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HHIR Presents The Blackout! Samples

HHIR Presents The Blackout! SamplesOnly a month or so before Meth & Red will start touring Europe. And hopefully we will see a Blackout! 2 this year, finally. Because news on their second solo goes back a few years even carrying the title B.A.S.I.C., Bricks And Staten Island Connect.

Until that moment enjoy this next instalment of HHIR presents The Blackout Samples.

Download via Megaupload
Download via RS Part 1 & Part 2

  1. ‘Spanish Moon’ by Little Feat
      Sampled for ‘A Special Joint (Intro)’ by Method Man & Redman
      Produced by Redman
  2. ‘Funkin’ Lesson’ by X Clan
      Interpolates lyrics for ‘A Special Joint (Intro)’ by Method Man & Redman
      Produced by Redman
      Sampled for ‘Tear It Off’ by Method Man & Redman
      Produced by Erick Sermon
  3. ‘Stick ‘Em’ by The Fat Boys
      Interpolated for ‘Blackout’ by Method Man & Redman
      Produced by Erick Sermon

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8 Diagrams, Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, The RZA 2 comments on How We Treat Them Hoes: Life Changes

How We Treat Them Hoes: Life Changes

Did ya see that?Anybody remember the reversed RZA line on Life Changes? Which turned out to be ‘fuck ’em in the butt’. I think some may have missed that because we ran the article quite some time before the album got released. Well here are the two bits again.

Life Changes Snippet Original

Life Changes Snippet Reversed

So you heard the thing. Now that piece originates from the infamous Radio 1 Tim Westwood show they did around the release of Forever. Listen to the next sample to hear what it was all about.
Wu-Tang Clan Live In London – X-Rated

Download the Complete Live Session here.
Adn do it because it is a classic piece of Wu-Tang history. Meth, Dirty & RZA taking calls and leaving the callers clueless. And it goes on for quite some time too. Check it out.

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Method Man’s Gadgets

Mr. MethMethod Man’s Gadgets: 6 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without
Method Man’s must-haves
Interviewed by: Jeff O’Connell, Photographs by: Christian Lantry

Method Man is a Grammy-winning rapper with the Wu-Tang Clan. Their CD The 8 Diagrams hit stores in mid-December.
1. What makes the iPhone your favorite gadget?
It’s easy to understand. The only thing I don’t like is when they break down. Courteous service is, like, nonexistent.

2. And your digital camera?
You put the memory stick in there, you go to “pictures.” It’s so f–kin’ simple, man. It takes me back to Polaroid instant cameras with the big flashbulbs on top, when you got your picture right there: Pow!

3. And Bose noise-cancelling headphones?
When I board a plane, I hate people who talk to you and shit on a long flight. Noise reduction is a beautiful thing.

4. You also mentioned your Braun coffee grinder.
Yeeeaaahhh, man, I don’t go overseas with that, though. That’s my own personal bang-bang right there.

You’re a big coffee drinker, huh?
No. I don’t drink coffee at all.

Then what’s the coffee grinder for?

5. What’s stored on your iPod?
I have 7,000 songs on my iPod. We’re having this contest amongst the brothers in Wu-Tang: Who’s got the best 10 old joints? Like old school, like, Ashford & Simpson, like René & Angela, like Dusty Springfield. Right now, my tops is Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love.” I got Patti LaBelle, “On My Own”…

6. Finally, you listed the Sony PSP. Why that?
I was such a PlayStation 2 freak that I had to get this. I like brainteasers and puzzle games, like Myst. Especially when I’m on the road. I’m not a sightseeing dude, so I just sit in the room with the PSP or watch DVDs.

Source: Mens Health

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Wackness Gets Picked Up By Sony Pictures Classic

The WacknessFirst off The Wackness won the Sundance Dramatic Audience Award. Second it got boufht by Sony Pictures Classic for publishing. But some people are questioning this buy. Because SPC does not have the greatest record of publishing and promoting films.

They were the people behind Youth Within Youth. You propably did not hear of it. Yet it was the latest movie by Francis Ford Coppola. The man behind The Godfather & Apocalypse Now. His last movie was The Rainmaker with Matt Damon and Danny DeVito, 1997. I didn’t even hear about this movie untill I got the Heart Of Darkness dvd.

Hopefully this will get the numbers it deserves. Atleast it has a buyer and will be showing up.

Source: /film

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Meet The Spartans Beats Rambo, Somehow…

mpameetthespartansposterb.jpgAll the signals are saying that Meet The Spartans is going to be this past weekend boxoffice hit. Friday and saturday it was the number one, leaving the new Rambo biting the dust. So far it grossed $14.45M in it’s opening weekend against 13.23M for Sly’s new one.

Quite stunned as how this could happen. As I did not take highly of this movie. Being it that it looked like the enxt movie in a slew of absolute terrible parodies.

I just checked RT and it holds a 5% fresh rating, based upon 20 reviews. Here are some oneliners out of the always amusing reviews.

You could teach a college course on what not to do in a comedy by showing Meet the Spartans.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the team behind Meet the Spartans, prove that ridiculing other movies is much easier than making your own.

Speaking of YouTube, let me save you 65 minutes. Go to the website, type in United 300, and see a far funnier, far more clever 300 spoof that’s only five minutes long. From last spring.

Meth may have had some exposure. And there is no such thing as bad press, mind Birtney, Amy & Lindsday. But why put yourself in such a thing. I sure enjoyed Scary Movie 3. That was a good relief. But 4 was just bad. That’s yet another discussion.

All in all it’s a remarkable opening and will sure cash some in for Meth.

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Some Wackness Reviews

The WacknessThe Wackness, the movie with Method Man, premiered last week at the Sundance Festival. Here are some of the in general positive reviews it got:

The Wackness has the polish of a hip music video with the rawness of a gritty documentary. Imagine if Michael Bay shot a dramatic indie film. The Squid and the Whale for the NES generation, filled with Sex, Drugs and Rap music. The film perfectly captures the mood of the early to mid 90’s, referencing anything and everything from gameboys to Biggie Smalls, Giuliani’s overhaul of New York City to the fantastic 90’s compilation soundtrack. Levine takes chances, intercutting fantastical dream and musical sequences with a realistic dramatic story.


The Wackness seems slightly reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky’s indie classic from 2000, Requiem for a Dream, implementing great cinematography, pale colors and a washed out palette, and a nostalgic storyline. It really reminds me of the days of Clerks and Reservoir Dogs at Sundance, where the movies are brave and energetic and yet still have that very independent feeling. This is a film for the new generations of moviegoers.

First Showing

My only problem with this film (and it is pretty small) is that for a film that is so focused on being anti-Giuliani, it never shows exactly how evil Giuliani truly is outside of dialogue about him. Other than that, I absolutely love this film.

This was just a fun movie. I wish I could praise it more but I think I have already made my point. If you have ever experienced the crushing effect of young love, you owe it to yourself to check out this gem of a dark comedy.

Film Threat
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Method Man, Wu-Tang 0 comments on Reviews New Method Man DVD Reviews New Method Man DVD

Method Man - Live From The Sunset reviewed Meth’s ‘Live From The Sunset Strip’ dvd and gave it an 80% score. Read below what they had to say!

Method’s first live concert video, in HD DVD of course, and I got my grubby hands on an advance copy! Before we get to the review I want to point out that this is a DVD put out by a small production company Fortress Entertainment. I like that. I like that Method went indi and I like the indi guys showing some HD DVD love.

Method Man gained fame as one of Wu Tang Clan’s more popular MCs. He is musically gifted – whether or not you like rap, he’s got a gift – and he can act. He has a recurring role in my favorite TV show The Wire. Method decided in 2007 to record a live appearance at the House of Blues in L.A. and this is what we got. Remember, my reviews look at the quality of the HD presentation, not the content. a run down of the tracklisting can be found here. otherwise, its all about HD. Continue Reading “ Reviews New Method Man DVD”