The RZA 0 comments on Nas & RZA share…

Nas & RZA share…

Pronay was first

To clear some things up. I believe RZA had problems with Jamie Summers over child support. Even declining that the kid that ran into him in the courtroom yelling daddy, was his. He could not deny it after that.

I have to hand it to RZA, who according to All Hip Hop “was present for his paternity hearing and according to reports, did not need a DNA test to acknowledge his 4-year-old daughter. RZA previously denied being the father of the 4-year-old, but RZA admitted siring the child after seeing noting his resemblance to the girl. According to RZA’s lawyer, RZA is accused of fathering at least six children by various women.”

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RZA Heads To Europe

Just found this on G’s MySpace:

RZA”s 2008 European Tour
RZA is doing a European tour, as soon as they get me more dates, I will post them . So far they are :

April 28th – The Indigo O2- London, UK
May 1st – Futuresonic Urban Festival – Manchester, UK

Just a month before that Red & Meth will be touring Europe also. Atleast I know they will be doing Amsterdam.

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Guitar Center RZA Interview

RZA yeahWe ventured to Bruce Forat’s studio in Studio City, California, where RZA produced and mastered the majority of the 8 Diagrams album. The following is an excerpt from our conversation with Bruce Forat and RZA.

Guitar Center: How did you guys get to know each other and what are some of the first projects you worked on together?

RZA: Well, let’s see. Who told me about you? It was a guy named Dangerous D.

Bruce Forat: Dangerous D?

RZA: Yeah, right. He’s actually part of a band called Stone Mecca who plays a lot on the Wu-Tang album. It was in EQ magazine. He was telling me about Bruce because I had an MPC4000 with a lot of shit in it that lost all its memory. That’s the reason why I bought a Roland MV-8000. Because my whole hard drive burned out, and for a minute, you know, I thought that was years of work that I’ll never be able to use again, but D told me about a guy named Bruce Forat. Said, “Yo, he could retrieve it. He do all kind of shit.” I says, “Yeah?” Brought the shit over to him and boom! He did it. Y’all have been electrical genius, you know what I mean? You know he made his own beat machine? Not too many people can say that.
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RZA’s custom drum machine

As posted on

The Guitar Center has teamed up with the Wu-Tang Clan’s superstar rapper/producer RZA to create eight Forat Custom MV8800s. The limited edition drum machine/production studio features original artwork by electronic pioneer Bruce Forat. They go on sale on February 28th and will set you back $5999.00. The good news is that each purchaser will also get the opportunity to attend a private tutorial session with the RZA himself. Who’s in?

Inspectah Deck, The RZA 2 comments on Pete Rock Wants To Follow RZA To Hollywood

Pete Rock Wants To Follow RZA To Hollywood

Pete Rock - True Master ft. Inspectah Deck & KuruptIn a recent interview from HHDX Pete Rock had this to say about his future plans:

DX: It’s common knowledge that there’s no 401K in Hip Hop. With that being said, do you ever see yourself stepping away from the music industry to pursue a more stable way to make a living?
PR: I will always do something in music. Anything that I am able to do professionally in music I will pursue it. One of the things I really want to get into scoring movies. I dibbled and dabbled in it but I really would like to get into it in a serious way especially since I seen how RZA capitalized on the scoring thing with Kill Bill and Blade and all that. I would like to deal with action movies, superhero movies, and gangster movies. Gangster shit and superhero shit in particular. I’m real into the superhero thing big time. I been into them since I was a kid, so I would love to be part of one of them. I like a lot of the movies they’ve been making and they’ve been coming out with a lot of them lately so I’m really gung ho about getting into it now.

RZA is going to get some competition in Cali. Let’s see how this will all work out. Read the full interview at HHDX: Unsung Hero

Yesterday I also came across some other old post. It offered some food for thought. Stating that Deck should have collaborated with Pete Rock for his entire solo LP.

FW: Here’s how it should have played out ten years ago: coming off the success of Wu-Tang Forever (1997) – on which he contributed the finest verses of his career, reigning supreme on every track he blessed – the Rebel INS grows impatient with RZA’s new keyboard-based approach to beatmaking and Bobby Digital (1998) distractions. Dissatisfied with the scattershot RZA tracks and the fruits of the Wu-satellite producers that would comprise Uncontrolled Substance (1999), Deck offers Pete Rock the opportunity to produce the record in the same template as ‘Trouble Man’, his lone contribution to the album. While Wu diehards are sent into an uproar over the absence of the Wu abbot, the resulting full-length is nonetheless a smashing success, as Deck’s signature metaphors and endless alliteration are a perfect match for Rock’s rhythmic soundscapes. On ‘Trouble Man’, note how the Soul Brother offers a fresh perspective on Isaac Hayes’ ‘Joy’ riff, slicing it up into syncopated microfragments, then layering the chalky piano from Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’ atop for the chorus, which also appropriates Sade’s ‘Paradise’.

My point: Pete Rock – Tru Master ft. INspectah Deck & Kurupt

The RZA 4 comments on Street Kings Trailer Uses RZA’s Blade Music

Street Kings Trailer Uses RZA’s Blade Music

Haven’t seen this happening before. The trailer to a film uses the music made for another film. Being the Street Kings trailer using RZA’s Fatal from the Blade Trinity Soundtrack. Can’t recall if Fatal was really used in Trinity. But it is known that RZA composed the soundtrack to the film.

Now Street Kings itself doesn’t looks very promising. Never impressed by Common. Keanu is not exactly known for his acting qualities. I can always find that ‘But Why?‘ moment. It’s funny, but doesn’t add up to the total experience. Plus the movie looks like just another cop flick.

At first I confused the original title, The Night Watchmen, with Night Watch. Thinking it may have something to do with the Russian Cult Horror Trilogy.

That’s not all. There is also some kind of super hero film coming by the name of Watchmen, for 2009. With a quite interesting plot:

In an alternate 1985 where superheroes exist, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union are at an all time high. The vigilante Rorschach is investigating the murder of the Comedian, and uncovers a plot to discredit and murder various heroes. Rorschach discovers a far wider ranging conspiracy involving his colleagues’ past which could completely change the course of history.

Street Kings will be out on April 11th in the US.

The RZA, Wu-Tang 2 comments on RZA-Belvedere Music Bits

RZA-Belvedere Music Bits

Belvedere VodkaA sharp commenterear pointed out that the Belvedere website was more than just playing the one song I posted, next to the Something I Want (For Real) track. Turn out it also plays two extended verses and some instrumentals.

Now I don’t truly know who composed which track. They came without labels, apart from music1.mp3. My guess it’s RZA & Gallo. So don’t shoot me if it turns out some other way.

Belvedere Vodka Website Music #1

The RZA – Untitled Website Music #2

Vincent Gallo – Something I Want (For Real) (Acapella)

Reverend William Burke – Something I Want (For Real) (Extended Verse)

The RZA – Something I Want (For Real) (Extended Verse)

The RZA & Vicent Gallo – Something I Want (For Real) (Instrumental)

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RZA’s Belvedere Vodka Track

So RZA did a song for Belvedere Vodka. Seriously that’s a terrible name. Stoli is much easier, (and better). Although I am a regular Stoli drinker, and that may play part. Just like RZA saying they want to advertise Belvedere as that ‘underground’ vodka flavour. Hard time finding it. That reminds me, the bottle is empty.
Remember: ‘Only vodka from Russia is genuine Russian vodka.
It can now be downloaded from the official site via this link.

Unfortunately it’s an m4a file. So I can’t really host it to play. But I can show you the commercial again. Enjoy either way. The track is an extended version of the commercials music running at 2:30.

O yes I can can.

RZA & Gallow – Something I Want (For Real) (Extended)

RZA & Gallow – Something I Want (For Real) (Extended)