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Ghostface in DUB Magazine

DUB Magazine Feature : Ghostface Killah
January 30, 08 by EddyL

One of the strengths of the Wu-Tang Clan is the individual talents of each member of the collective, of which Ghostface Killah (aka Tony Starks and Ironman) has been deemed by many as the most consistent, with such hits as Ironman (Razor Sharp/Epic, 1996), Supreme Clientele (Razor Sharp/Epic, 2000), The Pretty Toney Album (Def Jam, 2004), and more recently, Fishscale (Def Jam, 2006) and More Fish (Def Jam, 2006).

In fact, it was Ghostface that unloaded the first licks on Enter the Wu-Tang, spitting fire on “Bring Da Ruckus.”

Ghostface, catch the blast of a hype verse/My Glock bursts, leave in a hearse, I did worse/I come rough, tough like an elephant tusk/Ya head rush, fly like Egyptian musk

After the success of the Wu-Tang Clan’s first collective album, they set out to release individual works, with Ghostface trying his hand with Ironman. It was a solid album, but wasn’t initially as successful as those of other Wu-Tang mates Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Eventually, though, hip-hop heads and pundits began to notice how his vibe began to reverberate.
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Ghostface Part Deux

Cherchez La GhostThe following is a MySpace bulletin Ghost send out.

I know alot of ya’ll been sending me pictures with the cd’s. I want all of you to feel we’ve got a personal relationship on here, so send me your pictures holding Big Doe Rehab to my comments, and I’m gonna post them on my MySpace to show I got love for all that’s been supporting your boy by buying my joints

love is love, for all those that don’t understand and been illegally downloading my shit ….eat a fat dick

Ghostface Killah 2 comments on Speed Racer Poster & Trailer

Speed Racer Poster & Trailer

Speed Racer The Movie

I thought I throw this one on for sunday pleasure. May will see the release of the Speed Racer film adaption by the Wachowski brothers. Those you might know from the Matrix franchise and V For Vendetta. In all this looks quite promising.

And if you are wondering why I blogged this. Go watch the Daytona 500 video. Which I included with the trailer after the jump. Looking at the release date of May 2008 I doubt it that Ghost will be getting a cameo.
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Primo Picks The Big Doe Rehab As Best Of 2007

thebigrehab1.jpgI’d like to promis this to be the last post about another 2007 list. Only this is Primo. So you never know.

DJ Premier’s top 20 albums of 2007:

1. Ghostface Killah-(Big Doe Rehab)- (DEF JAM)
2. EVIDENCE-(The Weatherman)- (ABB)
3. Redman-(RED GONE WILD)- (Def Jam)
4. Kanye West-(Graduation)- (Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam)
5. Statik Selektah-(Spell My Name Right)- (Brick/Traffic)
6. Little Brother-(Getback)- (ABB)
7. NYGz-(Welcome 2 G-dom)- (Year Round)
8. Marco Polo (Port Authority)—- (Rawkus)
9. Big Shug- (Street Champ)- (Babygrande)
10. KRS-ONE & Marley Marl-(Hip Hop Lives)- (Koch)
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HHNLive: Again 8 Diagrams

Meth at Rock The BellsAnd accompanying this with video’s of Rae’s rant isn’t exactly credible.

Winner (or loser?): Wu-Tang Clan “8 Diagrams”

Wu-Tang fans didn’t really need to hear “8 Diagrams” to know it would be disappointing. Leading up to the album’s release group members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon spoke out loudly about the quality of the album, the direction RZA was taking and even voiced issues with how RZA was handling the group’s finances. It seemed Hip-Hop’s favorite family of shaolin warriors was collapsing at the seams. And then the album came. “8 Diagrams” seemed lifeless and was missing the raw, spit or die feeling that ran rampant through the Wu’s previous releases. It was further evidence that sometimes going out on top is the best way.

On the other hand, they did choose Ghosts The Big Doe Rehab as Runner Up for album of the year. Kanye took that crown.

Source: HHNLive

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2nd Week Sales For 8 Diagrams (updated with numbers)

8 Diagrams Double CoverDon’t have too much info on this. It’s just that the Clan dropped alot. From the #25 spot to #82. I’ll drop the figures as soon as I have them. No word on The Big Doe Rehab. Okay I got them. 8D pushed 30,000 this week. Coming to a totall of 101,100 copies.

This week Mary J entered the chart with at #2. Doing quite good. Alicia st dropped one place to third. Lupe did it Cool at 15. And Birdman dropped with Wu too 52. Kanye gained some spots and Jay-Z lost three to 43.