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Raekwon: ‘Kanye And Jay-Z Have Lost Touch’

RaekwonThe Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon thinks Kanye West and Jay-Z aren’t giving back. “A lot of street people don’t put stock in them anymore because they aren’t doing enough to excite anyone,” he tells us. He suggests both superstars should “come back to the hood and drop $100,000.” And why doesn’t he do that? “I don’t have money on that level,” says Chef. “And I don’t know where to drop it.” What’s more, the Staten Island rapper doesn’t dig the NYC hip-hop scene now because “everyone is ignorant and arrogant. When you’re around that crap, you become part of it.

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Raekwon Interview From November

With Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams on the table, the Chef gives his recipe for handling a kitchen full of cooks.
As told to Richard “Treats” Dryden
Photograph by ALEXX HENRY

1 Find strength in numbers.
There’s been plenty of times when I felt like I wanted to do my own thing. But when I heard the family was gonna move forward, I had to take interest in that. Seventy percent of the realness from us is wanting to cater to fans, but the other 30 percent is knowing that if I could get 10 fucking birds, why would I only want one bird?

2 Say no to “yes” men.
I’m not here to make a nigga laugh, all I can do is be honest with my dudes. I put the facts on the table and separate fiction from nonfiction. We don’t allow a “yes man” mentality around us. If you wrong, you wrong. There’s always three sides to a story: yours, the other person’s, and the truth.
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Some 8 Diagrams Facts

8 Diagrams coverI got these from the wutangcorp forums. Venex there posted these bits of a RZA interview the dutch magazine called RIFRAF did. PRetty interesting stuff.

  • Masta killa was always around when they recorded the album…sometimes he even slept there on the studiofloor. the RZA really thanks him for that.
  • But the RZA says it’s raekwon who really takes the crown! since his single “state of grace” the man is a rhyming machine, sometimes i ask myself where he keeps getting it..he writes his lyrics very fast, ghost might have dropped a jewel on “my heart gently weeps”, but to me RAEKWON IS ALREADY MORE THEN A YEAR THE BEST MC IN THE BUSINESS (RZA)
  • his fixed costs (don’t know if this is the right translation) amount 50 000 dollars EVERY MONTH
  • the RZA was first planning REDMAN to replace ol’ dirty bastard, especially because ghostface took so long, he was planning to call Reggie. But redman got his own thing going on and that’s why he asked George Clinton. Him and dirty could get along very well.

Venex wants to be famous! So, venex, venex, venex KUDOS!

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Minus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox

8 Diagrams Press PhotoMinus Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang Clan to take over Fox
Wednesday, Dec 19 2007 By Shellie Branco / Californian

Dynasty born in ’90s set to perform in support of its latest CD — ‘The 8 Diagrams’ — Saturday

Get the Wu-Tang Clan on a 17-hour bus ride to Denver and you’ve got a situation that one of the members compares to an RV full of orphans.

“So you could pretty much see how we act,” says Raekwon, a.k.a. the Chef, during a phone interview on said crazy/loud bus after working on some beats for a future song.

They may be a Shaolin-inspired hip-hop dynasty born of the 1990s, one of the first to put out a clothing line, but they don’t always require luxury, Raekwon claims.

“Sometimes we don’t get the right bus,” he says. “We’re used to flat screens and all that. Sometimes we catch a regular TV.”
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Raekwon: Stirring The Pot

Raekwon Shaolin & Wu-Tang[Got a strong stomach feeling while reading this]

Raekwon: Stirring The Pot
December 12th, 2007 | Author: Francesca Djerejian/HipHopDX

A self-described ancestor in the rap game, Raekwon’s colossal Only Built for Cuban Linx… alone guaranteed that he would never have to worry about extinction. With an uncontested legacy that secures him a place in rap annals, some might think the Chef has nothing more to prove. But as his leadership in the controversy surrounding the Wu-Tang Clan’s 8 Diagrams demonstrates, the forerunner of criminology rap refuses to stray too far from the aesthetic origins of Hip Hop’s unmatched super group.

It seems appropriate that while most rap infighting is centered on money, Raekwon’s most ardent criticisms of RZA are concerned with art. After all, the Clan represents a now bygone era when creativity appeared to trump financial motives, and when the closest the Wu came to being political was with Rae’s slang rap democracy. Claiming to be a spokesperson for the group’s collective grievances, Raekwon is dismayed at what he sees as RZA’s self-motivated stylings, and is planning a counter-offensive to put the embattled leader in his place. Regardless of whether or not a new generation of listeners will grant this artistic debate the attention it deserves, Raekwon is faithful that true Wu fans will follow its evolution closely. And if the lukewarm reception to 8 Diagrams is any indication, many disappointed listeners will be turning to Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang and the perpetually delayed Only Built for Cuban Linx 2: The Return of the Purple Tape as potentially more desirable alternatives. In a conversation with HipHopDX shortly after his memorable performance at the Jam Master Jay Awards show in New York City, Raekwon reveals his motivation behind the new projects and reflects on his influence in Hip Hop.

HipHopDX: Is the Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album still coming out?
Raekwon: Yeah, it’s going to be coming out.
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Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Insists Infighting ‘Evaporates’ When Crew Is Together

RZA eating noodlesWu-Tang Clan’s RZA Insists Infighting ‘Evaporates’ When Crew Is Together
Rapper/producer also talks ODB-inspired new track featured on group’s 8 Diagrams.
By Shaheem Reid, with reporting by Jasmine Dotiwala

“How can hip-hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever?” the RZA asked over the summer. A few months later, some fans are asking if his sentiments will continue to hold true.

To the dismay of Wu-Tang fans, the Clan seem to be falling apart, and RZA is in the proverbial eye of the storm when it comes to the group’s open dissention. Two of the group’s most vocal, flamboyant and popular members, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, have accused the RZA of mismanaging the group’s money and creative malpractice.

Rae told New York radio personality Miss Info that he and the crew craved more street-orientated beats on the new album, 8 Diagrams. Meanwhile, Ghost told MTV News that the album was “rushed,” he hasn’t heard good word-of-mouth about the handful of records that have leaked and, most importantly, the RZA owes him more dough than they have at your favorite pizza shop.
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RZA responds to the Rae comments on Tim Westwood

RZA in ChinaI only recorded the last 20 minutes of the show but here is the RZA response on zhare.

Complete interview up

RZA was just on Tim Westwood. I was only able to catch the last 20 minutes of the show on mp3. RZA adressed several points. First the album we be avaible on iTunes as of December 3rd ( “for all you computer nerds”). The argument between him and Rae was just some disagreement. They settled it four days ago. Rae thought the music was too worldly. He wanted a more Punch You In Your Face type album. While RZA’s view was more like we already did that with OB4CLII, which is coming after this. They had to just trust RZA on his view, which even took GZA sometime.

In bigger news RZA responds to the allegations of money taking. He claims to have never taking money from anybody. He has paid all his bills and has no debts. And Rae’s comments had hurt him right in the gut. A bigger press conference thing is coming.

Just listen to this because it really got so many RZA responds going on. It’s a real must hear.

RZA responds to Rae (Thanks to Humanface Huggah)

Complete RZA part

The full interview is now available on BBC. It’s the top choice of the Listen Again section.

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VDB Rewinds: Wu-Tang Plot The Future

Iron Flag goes upBy Matt Diehl
Rolling Stone 9/18/2003

Hip-hop heroes focus on solo work

IS WU-TANG CLAN OVER? “IT’s SON ice, really,” says Wu leader RZA. Despite breakup rumors, Wu may eventually come back someday. “When it’s time to rock, I think everybody’s down,” RZA says. In the meantime, bonds among the Staten Island, New York, rap crew are strong: Most of the Clan MCs are helping out with one another’s solo discs because, as Method Man puts it, they’re “Wu for life.”
What’s going on with Wu-Tang Cland

1. Masta Killa
He’s the only Wu-Tanger to never release a solo album-butthat’s aboutto change. Masta Killa will soon drop No Said Date, which RZA calls “a crazy classiccompletely raw. He’s the motherfucker right now.”

2. Raekwon
A new Raekwon effort — The Lex Diamond Story-is expected to come out later this year.
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VDB Rewinds: Raekwon Q&A In Time

blood-on-chefsapron.jpgQ+A RAEKWON
By Joel Stein
Time 07/31/00

Raekwon is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, which begins its tour on July 24. The rap group’s new album comes out later this year.
Q. What’s with the Donald Duck sweater?
A. Donald Duck is my n—-.

Q. Is he your favorite?
A. No. Bugs and Woody Woodpecker, they were my n—-s.

Q. Which one didn’t you like?
A. Foghorn Leghorn.

Q. Does Inspectah Deck do any woodwork?
A. No. What kind of woodwork are you talking about?
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VDB Rewinds: Raekwon’s Views

raekwon.jpgBy Jenny Eliscu
Rolling Stone; 02/03/2000

THE NEWS: It discourages me, but it’s there for us to be able to learn. You gotta know what’s going on in the world. You ain’t never want to feel like you’re the last person to find out what the fuck is going on.

COOKING: I’m the chef, so I’ll whip something up. Simple shit-turkey burgers with grilled onions. I don’t eat steaks no more, but I love fried chicken, even though that shit is bad for you. I love cooking for people, because you get to see how people respond to your food when they taste it.

COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: I’m the type of cat that likes to wear sweat pants and Nikes –comfortable stuff. I like leather pants, suede jackets, goose-down coats, leather blazers. Now I’ve learned how to not spend so much money for the stuff that would look good. I can go get a hundred-dollar pair of jeans but get a twenty-dollar shirt and make the whole outfit look hype.

DEBATES: My family and friends have discussions like we in the White House. We talk about serious topics. It could be something involving my business that I could be overlooking, but we could speak on that topic until it makes sense to us at the end of the day. We just the type of brothers that we always want to learn stuff.

SILVER CARS: I got a [Mercedes] Benz that’s silver. I got a silver Range [Rover], too. Silver’s my best color, because you might have a hater walk by and scratch it. With silver, you can’t see it. I get silver for a strategy, because I know how mother-fuckers behave.