8 Diagrams coverI got these from the wutangcorp forums. Venex there posted these bits of a RZA interview the dutch magazine called RIFRAF did. PRetty interesting stuff.

  • Masta killa was always around when they recorded the album…sometimes he even slept there on the studiofloor. the RZA really thanks him for that.
  • But the RZA says it’s raekwon who really takes the crown! since his single “state of grace” the man is a rhyming machine, sometimes i ask myself where he keeps getting it..he writes his lyrics very fast, ghost might have dropped a jewel on “my heart gently weeps”, but to me RAEKWON IS ALREADY MORE THEN A YEAR THE BEST MC IN THE BUSINESS (RZA)
  • his fixed costs (don’t know if this is the right translation) amount 50 000 dollars EVERY MONTH
  • the RZA was first planning REDMAN to replace ol’ dirty bastard, especially because ghostface took so long, he was planning to call Reggie. But redman got his own thing going on and that’s why he asked George Clinton. Him and dirty could get along very well.

Venex wants to be famous! So, venex, venex, venex KUDOS!

Source: venex


  1. dam red would been the shit .
    i dont see how he could been that held up.
    what red needs to do is drop the muddy waTERS 2 ALL READY

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