Cno Evil of Chamber Musik recently discovered that Got Flow, a member of the Ancient Coins group, was killed over a year ago. He then contacted Armel for some clarification on the subject. As if it indeed was true and what the current line up of Ancient Coins is. Here are his words:

Peace, yes I did lose one of my Ancient Coins… Got Flow was the last member I let be down with my Coins. He got killed in Maryland with his little brother Corey on 9-16-06. You got the members right, but Ace was a featured artist and not down with Ancient Coins. D-Mica is actually known as J.R. Spoons now. Do to the fact that my A&R album was a set up for Got Flow’s solo album, I had to regroup my whole life because of what happened. I finished 90 percent of my 1st solo album titled “Just Feel It’s Time”, but it won’t drop until my buzz is right, so you’ll find me on the new Prodigal Sunn and the new GZA albums. Got Flow is on my new mixtape “His-Story”, and on my solo album on two songs. Plus on the DVD I have coming out. So you’ll get the chance to know him real soon. Peace, the great Armel.

Requiescat in pace Got Flow

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