1. Damn – def. a MUST SEE. Unfortunately also very dissapointing (for me as a WU FAN) to see that no one of WU was around when he left jail and everything.

    But these motherf**kers of Roca-a-b*tch just wanted to milk him like a cow. They waited in front of jail?! WTF….

    But this video descripes the current wu situation very good. 🙁

  2. Both Meth & RZA have gone on to say that they did visit Dirty in jail. They were not to pleased to hear this. That’s not somethign to lie about. I think some of teh bits might been twisted in this doc. Also because of this doc I ain’t really that fond of Dirties manager.

  3. Dirties manager was a scumbag!! And i think that this documentary was twisted so that wu tang looked bad, and rocafella and dame dash looked good. But then again, RZA should have been there waiting for Dirty when he got released, after all they are cousins!

  4. I don’t know if you have read that German interview RZA did, but in there he said they had a plan to detox Dirty when he got out. It was all set up so that Dirty who got to an appartment to get some rest and detox from his incarceration. He would get in shape and come back. Things went a little different.

  5. RZA and Dirty are JUST cousin, RZA ain’t Dirty’s father, he didn’t have to be there the day he was released.
    But this doc showed the thruth, wu-tang members don’t give a fuck about each others…

  6. chinese ass, white ass, black ass, stank ass,.how you doin ass
    lmfao, rotfl cot damn!!!!! and she said hi and shook his hand!

  7. That last bit hit me hard, man. “His parole is up in November 2004.” Man, that’s when he died. ):

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