Got these three video’s from the AT&T site. Decided to rip them and upload them for better viewing together. So there ya go. Original source at the bottom.

Interview: Raekwon & Cappadonna talk about 8 Diagrams (1/3)

Interview: Wu-Tang reminisces about ODB, and Wu-Tang forever (2/3)

Behind the Scenes: A special freestyle just for the Blueroom (3/3)

Source: AT&T Blueroom (via)


  1. an amazin freestyle… LOOL.

    but yeah they dont talk negative about 8D – also ghost didnt. Did they listen to it for the first time or what happened? nice to hear.

  2. ^I agree… WTF @ that freestyle, the shit was all disoriented; then again, there probably wasn’t much they could do, it was just weird how they were asked to kick a freestyle after an interview, don’t see that too often.

    Also, it’s ironic how Rae and Cappadonna were the ones to speak on this (he didn’t even say much).

    BTW, Donna’s jacket was ill.

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