Shy is not the one to talk about production.

Update: This is a supposed quote from Shy about it

I was just talking to puff trying to set up a metting so my camera man was behind me trying to get drops for my dvd raekwom then pushes my camera and says hold that thought trying to big himself up in front of puff so fuck that fat nigga and who ever else dont like it


  1. So this all started because Rae wouldnt give a shout out on his dvd??? He went at him pretty hard though

  2. it started in that other video when shy was about to get a drop from puffy for his dvd project. raekwon mushes the camera and shyheim took it as rae cutting his throat. just on some hateration. shyheim started grumbling since then. peep the video of his interview at the radio station also.

  3. Rae and Shy had an arguement before Shy went to prison. They were on bad terms. Shy got out, went to Rae’s show and tried to get Puff on his video. Logically speaking, Rae saw a guy he wasn’t on good terms with backstage of his show trying to get people on his DVD release. Really not a big deal. He’s just trying to get his name out there. I always liked Shyheim but that was a pretty embarrassing diss track.

    The kid was on sitcoms and TLC videos and thinks a 2 year bid makes him Bernard Hopkins.

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