1. “Rockstar” = “The RZA” … what is he talkin about. Where would he be without this rockstar.

    youd better go out drop a video and play some songs of 8D. “Wolves” live – crowd would go wild.

  2. Yeah 4 real, they all need to fucking starting liking that shit because people are gonna be demanding it live. True WU fans love 8 diagrams. Fuck the dumb shit. The only people that don’t like probably don’t like Wu anyways.

  3. p.s. that ice water dude is lame as shit. i mean laaaame lame. i hate when cats try to spit that lame ass flow on some hard shit. raekwon needs to take his own advice from the song with outkast: ” You gotta come provocative”. stop dealing with these cats rae

  4. yeah i agree, that most of the crowd out there wouldlove to hear wolves. that’s some dope shit for real. some classic shit. and it would be really nice to hear ghost’s verse on the heart gently weeps live.
    deck needs to visit the doctor as he needs seriuos treatment i suppose.
    props to erykah badu for representing wu.
    i agree with SILO about ice water. can’t really understand what rae sees in those cats.

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