mpameetthespartansposterb.jpgAll the signals are saying that Meet The Spartans is going to be this past weekend boxoffice hit. Friday and saturday it was the number one, leaving the new Rambo biting the dust. So far it grossed $14.45M in it’s opening weekend against 13.23M for Sly’s new one.

Quite stunned as how this could happen. As I did not take highly of this movie. Being it that it looked like the enxt movie in a slew of absolute terrible parodies.

I just checked RT and it holds a 5% fresh rating, based upon 20 reviews. Here are some oneliners out of the always amusing reviews.

You could teach a college course on what not to do in a comedy by showing Meet the Spartans.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the team behind Meet the Spartans, prove that ridiculing other movies is much easier than making your own.

Speaking of YouTube, let me save you 65 minutes. Go to the website, type in United 300, and see a far funnier, far more clever 300 spoof that’s only five minutes long. From last spring.

Meth may have had some exposure. And there is no such thing as bad press, mind Birtney, Amy & Lindsday. But why put yourself in such a thing. I sure enjoyed Scary Movie 3. That was a good relief. But 4 was just bad. That’s yet another discussion.

All in all it’s a remarkable opening and will sure cash some in for Meth.

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