Black & WhiteAfter last sunday’s rundown of Black & White video’s I came across this post breaking down the movie. It gives a very interesting retrospective on what the movie tried to accomplish and what it actually did. Trying to capture the white HipHop audience.

On April 5th, 2000, a new movie reached theaters and it created quite the controversy. The Palm Pictures film was called “Black and White” and it was a collaborative effort between Wu Tang Clan exec Oli “Power” Grant and writer/director James Toback (both pictured below). The movie was an experimental piece in which each performer/actor had a specific amount of information and key plot points that they were supposed to get across in each scene but other than that they were allowed to freestyle their own dialogue. It made for quite an interesting final product considering that many of the key players had never acted before and/or weren’t trained thespians of any kind.

This was something that I missed in the James Toback video diary. Certainly clears up alot of awkward moments the movie had and the acting overall.

As a bonus here is the ACT mixtape that has been floating around. The only collection of ACT songs available.
American Cream Team – Only Built 4 Trilogy

Read more here on Poisonous Paragraphs.


  1. Only built 4 Trilogy is probably best Wu-Fam CD around.. I just love that tape! thanks for info on Black and White… I need to get it somehow now..:) great blog!

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