Killah PriestWe were all aware that Priest was working on his Behind The Stained Glass album. His succesor album to The Offering. But besides that he is also working on two other projects. One maybe a double.

In non veggie news, Priest is not taking sides in the Wu-Beef business. He has spoken with both RZA & Rae. He’s also aware of the situation Shy & Rae ar currently in. And to top it off he was with GZA when he went at 50 for his no lyrics repertoire. On all these situations he wants to remain the Most High and not take sides.

Daddy Rose is coming home soon. And Priest is still in the works with Remedy for their collabo, Holy of Holiest. Not to busy with that, he is also forming another group called G/Ciples.

He needs his fans to spread the message about him. Because, as he states, he is not part of the 2/3rd of the real artists that get alot of support. He asks everybody to join his forum and make it as big as WTC.

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What you? I been mad busy with BHTSG. Mad new songs on it as well as some leakers. But not all Behind The Stained Glass I coming as y’all need this site flooded Dasun and Oobe be holding it. Thanks y’all. Yeah we sold some units of The Offering, lets sell more.I will be with GZA in Vegas (you hear that on the 1st I also have a show in SD & LA 07 08).

I’m living right now working on alot of stuff. I have three albums coming within a short time. So it’s going to be KP. I’m not caught with all that who side I’m on, Wu-Tang or Shaolin. I know everybody knows what’s going on. I spoke with Rae and The RZA on different terms. They are still both cool. I’m not picking sides but the most high! Blessed!

All I know it’s going to be on for ’08. And I heard about the Shy and Rae thing. And yes I was with GZA when he called out 50. Just let’s say it’s a lot of tension and heat. ’08 is build and destroy. I’m going to hold it, don’t worry Priest is going to handle things.

I´m going through finally again with Proberbs. It´s coming through my own with the help of Goodhands Nusie Neighbours. My man Es is redoing this whole site by next week or sooner. I got alot to say. I´ll be doing the HHG Journals soon and yáll be first with most of everything. Check out the Stained Glass jewelry on YouTube. With Wu in VA at Toads Place Richmond. Y´all know how I do that I have something with Remedy, Holy Of Holiest. He has alot of stuff with me. I just got to get there man.

It´s early I have a flight to catch to the West Coast. Remember I´m selling cause of y´all. Keep it up and we cna get rid of ringtone rappers.

New Years I was with God Sun at House Of Blues in Cali. I´m forming another group called G/Ciples. Not disciples, but G. With gangsters for God, Glory, Gracious

Peace for now
1 KP

Priesthood Again 2008

The album will be out, they’re trying to talk me out of a double. But if I do one joint, the next is coming in like a two weeks after. That’s a strong ‘íf’ though. I think i’m due. And all this stuff happening between RZA, RAe & Ghost was going to happen one way or another. I’m out of that though. I told RZA I don’t have anymore beef. What’s done is done. Everybody is getting a little older. But I’m getting younger and wiser.

Behind The Stained Glass is on some other level man! I can’t wait to drop that. I don’t know if What’s Happening Brother is going to be on that. Cause it was just a freestyle something I was feeling at the moment. I got a couple more coming. I’m trying to get Zariya back on there, my sun from the song PJs, lol. He ‘s been writing, but you know he plays football.

Oh and everybody watch the news. They are planning to drop the Digital Angle. Thats the name of this new micro chip. But don’t fear. The Most High will win, trust. But just be always watchfull, don’t get caugh up. Darkness can be blinding but so could too much light. I’m venting y’all pray for a brother. For real pray for each other. To we forgot that part.

And Daddy Rose from the Maccabees is coming home soon. Word Yo. And spread blogs about me. Everywhere y’all can hit me on my MySpace. We can talk, other work too, but I really need y’all help because this should be as big as Wu-Tang Corp. For real if y’all wanna hear more songs from me we have to support it. Don’t let real artists die. Alot of talented artists get support because they’re part of 2/3rds. I’m not a 2/3rd and y’all not either. Well I gotta catch my plane.

Priesthood Your Brother

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  1. The Most High will win, trust. Word up!

    Priest is great. Cant wait for the shit to come. PEACE

  2. Shalam Ahk;
    I am Chief Zebulon from NYC. I’m a chief man from Machaneh Yehudah (Chief Yonah, Chief Prince Simeon, etc.) Just wanted to shout you out, brother. Just copped BTSG….. off the chain, as usual. I just finished doing 12 years up north and came home last summer. I’m tell you straight up, Priest…. your albums helped get me through that time, especially Heavy Mental, and Priesthood. There was nobody else that was reppin’ The Nation Of Israel other than you. I salute you in the name of the Most High Yahawah. Stay strong, keep bangin’ out those classic albums and continue to fight against the principalities in the industry. As you said on “Israeli News”………”In the ways of the world today, it’s so easy to stray away”! Shalawam!!!!!!

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