Press Rewind is coming phenomenal with their scans of old reviews. We previously linked their scans for the reviews of Only Built For Cuban Linx and Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. This time they got a scan on Liquid Swords. Published in the December 1995 issue of The Source.

GZA - The Source - Liquid Swords Review
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Genius Source 91How they gave it only four mics I fail to see. Thirteen years later, some people may have forgotten the Clan, the man and his album. But to those who have heard it it is regarded as a classic masterpiece. A defining point in hiphop history. Even outside of the general hiphop crowd this record is considered to be beyond great. An amazing thing to accomplish.

The GeniusIf you are looking for more of these rewinding scans hit up the Press Rewind blog. Besides reviews they also got scans of complete articles. THIMK is running posts with complete scans of back issues. With this most interesting backissue. Which got a small article on Come Do Me in The Genius his own words back in 1991.

Can’t wait for the other issues to show up.

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