Interesting Venoms documentary I came across on YouTube. Nine parts that go into the history of Shaw Bros. and the Five Venoms. Some very good stuff for anyone with some interest in Shaw Bros. Kung Fu & the Five Venoms.

Part 1 begins with history of the Shaw Brothers studios and introduces the Venoms team!

Part 2 continues with background info on the their premiere films Five Deadly Venoms, Invincible Shaolin and Crippled Avengers.

Part 3 covers Kid With the Golden Arm and Shaolin Rescuers.

Part 4. Continuing on, the documentary covers DareDevils and Magnificent Ruffians. It goes on to talk about the changes and conflicts within the group.

Part 5 covers 2 Champions of Shaolin, the meaning of Flag of Iron, and a never-before-seen outtakes montage!

Part 6 Killer Army and info on the rarest of the VenomsFilms!

Part 7. Masked Avengers and the rarer, never seen films nearing the end of the VenomsEra.

Part 8 highlights the end of the VenomsEra with unseen cameos and final appearances by Lu Feng, Lo Meng, Sun Chien and the late Chiang Sheng.

Part 9 Conclusion to the Documentary and End Credits woth Highlight reel

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