We all knew that Priest was busy with various projects. Now we can add another one. The new group called Almighty. Consisting off Killah Priest, M-Eighty, Bronza Nazaeth, Son One, C-Ray Walz & 5 Star.

They are prepping an album for 2008 with featuring of none other than Canibus, Planet Asia, Warcloud, 60 Sec. Assassin, JS-1 & a still unnamed special guest. The album will be called Original S.I.N.. S.I.N. meaning Strength In Numbers.

To get updated on the latest hit up their MySpace at

Source: Fake Shore Drive (via AB in comments)


  1. Interesting combination. I noticed no cilvaringz. Is he still producing for wu? Do you think there was a reason he was left off the roster?

  2. m-eighty sucks though…at least from what i heard…how did he end up with these dudes anyways

  3. Ringz is still touring for I?

    Wow, thats a long tour. Any chance of him performing in NYC? I was a straight banger. I have been waiting for some more stuff from him?
    Anything in the works?

  4. I’ve heard about 4-5 of these songs that are scheduled to make the Almighty album. One in particular, featuring Warcloud, is insane. Why? Because Warcloud is insane. Dude goes off on the track! Canibus brought some heat as well

  5. Fuck the bullshit! This album is gonna blast you faggots in the face like your boyfriend on a cool Sunday afternoon.


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