Shabazz Interiew
Wu-Famnatic recently conducted an interview with Shabazz The Disciple. The man has a new album coming out in April of 2008 called Hood Scriptures. In the interview Shabazz bounces allot of questions regarding projects to other peple on the project. Sadly. But most interesting is the fact that Shabazz says he has been calling for a Gravediggaz reunion for years now. Rumours about this project have floating around for quite some years now. Complete formations were named including Shabazz and Holocaust.

Another interesting bit Shabazz names is his affiliation with Black Market Militia. Because it was ‘Bazz who put them in touch with Godz Wrath Production, from The Netherlands. They did quite some work on The Passion Of The Hood Christ. But with BMM he got left out. I for one never knew he was involved with BMM. Yet I was informed about him working with Godz Wrath first. Kind of drawing the lines.

Check the whole interview out here at Wu-Famnatic.

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