The WuThe news flow about the 8 Diagrams sales has been quiet since it dropped below the first 100. If I am correct last week 8 Diagrams was at position number 196. From 107 it went to 132, 159.

Time to say goodbye and hello to Shaolin vs Wu-Tang?


  1. 1) I don’t really listen to radio but I’m not sure if they even have an official released single. Video? I doubt.

    2) I know they’re on tour but reportedly they do not perform songs from 8 Diagrams, not even Stick Me For My Riches?!? I don’t know, I’m a fan but then again I wouldn’t pay to see them perform unless I know they actually have a stage show WITHOUT any extras.

    3) Web presence? Google Wu-Tang. Everything that’s going on with the brand feels antiquated. Public Enemy hasn’t updated their personal website but their presence is felt.

    4) Shaolin vs Wu-Tang (?) Although I prefer Wu-Tang vs Shaolin because they would probably want to stick with the familiar brand. How soon will it happen and how will they execute the project? If its a matter of simply releasing a CD, then I guess there will not be a significant difference.
    Hey Hip Hop as a whole is taking a plunge.
    First, there’s not one Hip-Hop record on Billboards Top 10.
    Soulja Boy’s chart position is #36, he’s above all other acts and he’s been on the charts for 19 weeks. Note, his CD did not sell a million units.
    #54 Fiasco – The Cool
    #63 Jay-Z – American Gangster (Platinum?? They probably put a lot of money into marketing thi CD)
    #64 Kanye West – Graduation (2x Platinum)

  2. I think Kanye showed us this year that cd’s can still cd. And it is within the culture itself that stealing is glorified and accepted. I believe hiphop is the biggest bootlegging genre. People should have seen that coming. But even the Majors weren’t prepared.

    Chuck D has been advocating it for years. He was one of the few people Pro Napster.

    I’ll be doing a reference in an upcoming post about the shenanigans of Wu-Tang online. Because without the fans the Wu would have died along time ago. And Wu-Tang Corp only exists because a fan made it. A few years ago RZA managers was stll very hesitant to invest in anything online. Now look at the normal urls.

    Just before, or around the time 8D was released two promo were send out. Take It Back & Heart Gently Weeps, which was even labeled as SMASH HIT on the LP cover. HGW had an enormous backlash as far as promo and receiving goes. That together with the whole drama thing everythign went silent a few weeks after the 8D promo. But with that promo RZA had announced those two as singles and as videos. We have now seen one video. Which feels more constructed than made, if you get my point.

    Doing a 8 Diagrams tour without the 8 Diagrams was another stupid thing they did. An album maybe bad. But this serves noone. Ironically the set consists of old Wu-Tang songs. Majority composed by their head, RZA.

    @ Mikey
    The interview looks familiar. I believe he mentioned his movie in this one, Z-Chronicles. I’ll put it up for interest, thanks.

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