Nigga Please reissueFat Lace made some funny post with this reaction by Dirty from beyond death. And the reissuing of N***a Please to Nigga Please.

Dirt McGirt is outraged by Nas’ move to wear a suit on his new album cover and pretend to look intelligent by reading an old issue of ‘The Spectator’ he found in the Gents. “Rappers don’t wear suits,” asserts Osirus, “real rappers rock Wally’s and Wu Wear, nigga please”. When prompted for his opinion on Nas openly using an expletive for his new album title and why he saw fit to edit the cover of his sophomore release, Dirt Dog replied “My fountain pen leaked, that’s that, but we thought it looked edgy, I designed my own logo too”.

Complete post here: ‘N Bomb’ rage reaches heaven

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