Mr. MethMethod Man’s Gadgets: 6 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without
Method Man’s must-haves
Interviewed by: Jeff O’Connell, Photographs by: Christian Lantry

Method Man is a Grammy-winning rapper with the Wu-Tang Clan. Their CD The 8 Diagrams hit stores in mid-December.
1. What makes the iPhone your favorite gadget?
It’s easy to understand. The only thing I don’t like is when they break down. Courteous service is, like, nonexistent.

2. And your digital camera?
You put the memory stick in there, you go to “pictures.” It’s so f–kin’ simple, man. It takes me back to Polaroid instant cameras with the big flashbulbs on top, when you got your picture right there: Pow!

3. And Bose noise-cancelling headphones?
When I board a plane, I hate people who talk to you and shit on a long flight. Noise reduction is a beautiful thing.

4. You also mentioned your Braun coffee grinder.
Yeeeaaahhh, man, I don’t go overseas with that, though. That’s my own personal bang-bang right there.

You’re a big coffee drinker, huh?
No. I don’t drink coffee at all.

Then what’s the coffee grinder for?

5. What’s stored on your iPod?
I have 7,000 songs on my iPod. We’re having this contest amongst the brothers in Wu-Tang: Who’s got the best 10 old joints? Like old school, like, Ashford & Simpson, like René & Angela, like Dusty Springfield. Right now, my tops is Cream, “Sunshine of Your Love.” I got Patti LaBelle, “On My Own”…

6. Finally, you listed the Sony PSP. Why that?
I was such a PlayStation 2 freak that I had to get this. I like brainteasers and puzzle games, like Myst. Especially when I’m on the road. I’m not a sightseeing dude, so I just sit in the room with the PSP or watch DVDs.

Source: Mens Health

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