Take It Back Raekwon

Take It Back has just hit the net and already the first error in the video has been sighted. Although the video spells Raekwons name right when he is rapping, they have made an error with his name in the bigger picture. How this could have slipped in, no idea. The video was announced two months ago around the LP release. Together with a video for Heart Gently Weeps. So they would have had enough time to correct it. This is only a small error in the complete picture that is 8 Diagrams.

Take It Back error Raekwon Raewkwon

The above image is only flashed on for an approximate of three second. But the RaeWkwon is easily noticed.

As it is looking now, people are glad to see a video. But the majority is disappointed by the video itself. Saying it looks like some outsourced job. A guy slapping some images together and kicking it out. Some not even believing that this is official. Off course with RZA living it out in Hollywood, they could have done something better than this. You can’t fool me saying RZA is not connecting with people. May be even if QT had the time he would be dying to do a Clan video. Because in all reality this is a pretty shitty video for their first collaborative effort in seven years. For now it is as official as the Wu gets.


  1. Wow, I never thought of that , but a QT directed wu video?? That would be the shit son!! Resevoir Dogs style, lol.

  2. If my guess is right RZA has connections with loads of directors in Hollywood. Out of those him and QT are real good friends as far as I recall. So that would not be too far off. Heck even RZA could have done the video or GZA. You even got the guy who did their old videos still walking around.

    What would be interesting to see how Jim Jarmusch would make a video. That man usually take his time for the shots. And lets a movie go on at its own pace. I think you would get something like the Flashing Lights video by Kanye.

  3. exceptional in its shittiness, especially considering the potential it had with rza’s connections like you said. definitely takes my expectations for the HGW video down a few notches…

    also, they spelled they left off the ‘h’ in ghostface killah and didn’t put a space between masta killa’s name. those are reminiscent of mistakes made with their names early in their career but seems embarrassingly amateurish at this stage. i could hardly imagine a lamer low-budget video

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