thebigrehab1.jpgThe majority of beats produced on Big Doe Rehab was by these two guys. And they have been going around as one of the hottest producers right now. Producing also six tracks on American Gangsters. Roc Boys amongst others. HipHopGame has an interview up with these two talking about, producing. What was the difference between working with Jay & Ghost.

Of course Ghostface and Jay-Z are two different albums. Ghost was on the road a lot. A lot of times we were working in the studio without him because he was travelling a lot, but we would stay on the phone with him and get ideas and send it to him on the road and he would say if he liked it or if he didn’t. He’s one of those guys where if he hears a track a certain way, he’s just kind of married to it. When you’re making changes it makes you nervous if he’s married to a different sound of it. But we worked on his last album too. In this case, we would make changes and we would send it to him and he would tell us it was hot and to leave it like that. So that was the difference between working with Jay and working with Ghost.

It was a bit what I expected. Ghost being on the road a lot. Yet I think Ghost should work with producers face to face more. That’s an interaction that usually gives some more direct feedback. There are a whole numbers of emotions and feelings that are only expressed with body language.

Read the whole interview at HHG

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