The World According To RZASome of y’all might remember The World According To RZA album, released in 2003. RZA recorded a whole bulk of songs for this album. Amongst which one with a Dutch MC called Brainpower. At the time the best selling Hip Hop artist of the country. When he announced this at his concert in Amsterdam in 2003, it was received with an almost general consensus: BOOO! The RZA fans there did not appreciate the move. Word was that Brainpower was sitting backstage at that moment, and could thus hear it all.

That day he did record a song with Brainpower however. The song had been scheduled to show up on W.A.R. and feature Tekitha and Cilvaringz if I recall correctly. Due to some error in the recording the song was scrapped. Here is the bit that was released a few years back.

ANd while we are at the subject. It may be time to do those other parts of the world now. Because in all actuality, this was Europe According To The RZA.

RZA ft. Brainpower – Untitled

Download here

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