Only a couple of months late. Now there is nobody to care and everybody moved on. Nothing lasts forever and they better serve up some damn good video tomorrow on April the 4th. With the members in it or I’m calling borked.


  1. that didn’t look like the heart glently weeps… especially b/c gza and rza arent even on the song…
    good 2 c u haven’t died jetset

  2. I agree, it doesnt really make sense that this would be heart gently weeps video. And Loomes, dont get to excited, this could just be a hit and run post on the site. This was posted by “VDB KING” is that jetset?

  3. well this is a nice surprise. KING does this mean the site is back in full effect???

  4. Damn I thought the site died or something I hope to see more activity more offten

  5. so vimby edited incorrectly? cause the intro clearly reads “heart gently weeps”. but for real, this is more like a junk food commercial. jetset where u at?!

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