Please, don’t let my sarcastic title put you off. I mean all well and I want CL2 as much as the next man. But Rae, I don’t believe you, you need more people!

Raekwon hasn’t released a studio album in five years, but the prospect of a follow up to his 1995 classic, Only Built for Cuban Linx, still generates a buzz in most Hip Hop circles. That anticipation was raised when Rae signed with Aftermath Entertainment in 2006, but the union has still failed to produce any new material from “The Chef.”

Last week, Raekwon told that despite the well-documented delays of his labelmates, he does still intend to release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.
“Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is coming out in March of ’09,” Raekwon said. “I’m taking my time, and I’m doing this for the people, not for me.”
Busta Rhymes was originally slated as an unofficial executive producer of the album. But after leaving Aftermath for Universal/Motown [click to read], it has not been announced who will fill his vacated role. Despite making headlines with his outspoken criticism of Rza’s production [click to read] on the last Wu-Tang Clan album, 8 Diagrams, Rae says his Wu-Tang brethren will definitely be involved in his upcoming effort.

“It’s gonna be kinda ill coming back in the game and making people recognize

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  1. Rae really needs a Public Relations representative. Some one that will tell him to stop talking about the project until:

    1) Mastered and REady to go

    2) A label or company plans to distribute the product with a definitive date.

    3) Do everything need to properly market and promote the CD. That means show up on time for all related promotional events. Be aware and make it your business to give great interviews.

    4) Stop all disparaging remarks about your clan brothers. Divided you will fall. No one is greater than the sum. Although RZA has been getting very busy lately.

    5) Remind him the OB4CL 2 is not Detox.

  2. Maybe number 5 will get him back in the seat. Rae only got one record to show for his ageing belt. He’s trying to milk it but it is more like beating a dead horse right now.

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