At last, something to look forward too. ODB may be gone but the god ‘is’ releasing some shit way more interesting than his wu brethren. I love the idea of generals putting out books. I hope someday to read UG’s life story. (am serious, don’t laugh)

Big baby jesus, I can’t wait!

The life and career of the late rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard will be chronicled in a new book schedule to hit shelves in early December. The biography, titled Digging for Dirt: The Life and Death of ODB, focuses on his rise to fame and includes first-hand accounts from friends, relatives, and of course, his Wu-Tang Clan family.

ODB, born Russell Jones, managed to rise to rap stardom with the Wu-Tang Clan in the early ‘90s. Most remembered for his unconventional flow, humorous lyrics, and odd, erratic behavior, ODB succeeded in releasing two solo albums (the first of which would eventually go platinum) and achieved a number-one hit through the song “Fantasy,” a crossover duet with Mariah Carey.

For the latter portion of the ‘90s era, Ol’ Dirty Bastard would not only adopt several different monikers such as “Big Baby Jesus” and “Dirt McGirt,” but he would also go on to face countless legal troubles including failure to pay child support and his frequent involvement with drugs. His chaotic lifestyle would eventually result in a fatal drug overdose in 2004.

In addition to delving into the life of the celebrated Wu-Tang alum, the book also attempts to comprehend his odd behaviors. As his former lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told author Jaime Lowe, ODB would “talk in jive talk” and “come into court with two different shoes, labels with price tags attached . . . It’s possible his behavior was a result of mental illness. One time he had his hat on backward, had on two different shoes, and he stood with his back to the judge with his hat facing the judge as if he was looking at the judge.”

Today marks the fourth year anniversary of his death, and on Saturday he would have celebrated his 40th birthday. Digging for Dirt hits shelves on December 2nd.

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