Ol’ Dirty Bastard - A Son UniqueBefore I go all Charles Bronson on this, it has been some time that we first heard about Ol’ Dirty Bastards Roc album, A Son Unique. The last Dirty piece got delayed every full moon by a couple of months. Most of the time because of money. In the mean time it has been leaked, and the people heard it.

Recent news has Dame Dash talking about his new website and putting the tribute album “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” on it.

Although there aren’t any current plans to release the album conventionally in stores, the duo have posted the project up on their Web site.

“We felt like we might as well, why not?” Dame shrugged. “I don’t know, I’m living more on the virtual/digital side.”

Interesting. Where do they go from there?

But as far as music goes, it’s still up in the air how many more albums Biggs and Dash will put out. They don’t see the biz being lucrative anymore.

“We got heat. Nicole Wray’s album [Lovechild] is hot, ODB’s album [A Son Unique] is hot,” Dash said of the label’s two LPs, which have been kicking around for quite some time but haven’t been officially released. “Everybody acts like they doing us a favor by putting it out.

“We got deals everywhere,” he added when asked about a recent deal he struck with Koch Records to distribute his music. “It’s not about the deal, it’s about the frustration and hassle. We turned into real business men. We’re here to make money, and it seems like the money ain’t there.”

It is by no means a clear answer. He has a new deal with Koch.  He likes it digital, though that’s mostly because he can then put it exclusively on his own website. Both scenarios leave ODB’s legacy was past it’s prime. It would be a mircale if they would make any money of this mediocre album. Yes I have heard it and was not impressed. More saddened. Like we were all when Dirty inked the deal with Roc. Hov didn’t even think it was okay.

The Clan should include the cd as a tribute on the first pressing of their album. And people shoudl stop all the bullshit about the money. I haven’t witnessed a more shamefull way of dealing with a musical legacy than this.


  1. I thought those were the biggets let down. They sounded more like a RZA compromise to the popsound of the album. Did love the MAcy Gray collabo, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.

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