By Havelock Nelson
Billboard 04/02/94

Wu-Tang Clan’s Loud/RCA album “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” was certified gold by the RIAA. According to a spokesman at Street Life/Scotti Bros…

King Just’s “Warriors’ Drums” (Black Fist) is a phat, fluid, flippy, dusty, and off-the-wall freestyle jam that’s worth seeking out. It’s straight from the depths of Shaolin (that’s New York’s Staten Island, homefolks). The B side, “Move On ‘Em Stomp,” also punches and kicks…

The other week was a crazy and tragic one in Staten Island, N.Y. Three males connected to the borough’s burgeoning rap scene died from gunshot wounds. First Dante Hawkins, the son of Wu-Tang Clan member U-God, was caught in the crossfire of a shootout March 12. Then, three days later, Darryl Routte, the 27-year-old brother of Guy Routte, who manages Virgin rapper Shyheim, was shot during an argument. Next, Two Cent, an associate of both Shyheim and Wu-Tang Clan, died from a bullet wound in the chest. Speaking of homicides as they relate to his hometown, Shyheim rhymes in “On And On,” his debut single, “This happens everyday around my way, so I pray that I could live another day.” Amen.

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