8 Diagrams coverWe have seen the leaked tracklist. And we can start to wonder where these tracks will appear. Or if they existed in the first place.

  • The Legacy Heroes (prod by RZA)
  • Ropes & Knives (prod by RZA)
  • Shaolin Trip (prod by Mathematics)
  • Kids With Words feat Q-Tip (prod by RZA)
  • Definition Of Pain (prod by Loose Change)
  • Steel Vision feat Killah Priest (prod by Mathematics)
  • Ancient Crunch (prod by Aqua Kid)
  • Tenz (prod by Choco)
  • You Can’t Stop Me Now feat. John Frusciante (prod by RZA)
  • We Got This
  • Half A Billion

Watch Your Mouth had troubles with samples, but we heard it. And Thug World, which later became Unpredictable, was originally slated for an OB4CLII appearance. Let’s not lose these tracks out of sight.


  1. well whatever that’s a bullshit reason!

    anyway, that interview is classic, especially that part where rza just goes crazy describing how he could’ve reacted to rae. haha…

  2. I would be very intersted to know where these tracks are going to come out. Huggah thanks for the Audio.

    I had a dream last night that the Wu album that has been leaked wasn’t the final and that the offical one was held back to mid january and that it was a double disc.

  3. Haha, that would be something. But not something I would expect from Wu. I expect them to end up somewhere else, either albums or mixtapes.

  4. Cut wu-tang songs usually take mad long to reappear, but yes we will probably see some of them on Raekwon or GZA albums.

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