Buddha MonkBuddha Monk, famous US American hiphoper, signed with Universal Music
Pressemitteilung von: Buddha Monk Management
PR Agentur: CCR Comptoir SA
www.myspace.com/LordBuddhaMonk – buddhamonkmgmt@ccr.li
www.myspace.com/LordBuddhaMonk – buddhamonkmgmt@ccr.li

(openPR) – After the very successful performance of Wu Tang Clan with Buddha Monk at the world-famous Jazz Festival Montreux, Buddha Monk entered into cooperation with Universal Music for his next solo album.

Lifes a scheme: has been a trademark for Lord Buddha Monk and he is one to testify with over 22 years of testimonial experience in the music industry.

Growing up in the cold, cruel streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn brought him into a lasting friendship with the man who bestowed his name upon him, a man who would become as close as a blood brother Old Dirty Bastard a.k.a ODB.

Having been together since the age of 12 years old, they rapidly learned that music was a common bond. One day when Dirty was in the studio, Buddha Monk began giving him production pointers and it was working out. At that point RZA proclaimed that Buddha was to work on Dirty’s album thus carving out his first major notch into his dream.

Having appeared in videos such as “Whoo Ha” Remix by Busta Rhymes, “CREAM” by Wu-Tang Clan, Cant Stop Wont Stop Remix by Young Gunz & Chingy, & “Gotta Take It Easy” by Mad Lion, just to name a few. Add production for names like, ODB, RZA, Mad Lion, Biz Markie, Black Rob, Bone Crusher and more. Rapping features for ODB, RZA, Method Man, Twista, Ghostface & Brand Nubian as well as other esteemed colleagues. Not to mention his own videos, “Spark Somebody Up” and “Gots Like Come On Through”, and residing on such record labels as Edel American, Nature Sounds, TVT, Sure Shot, Dirt Magirt, Elektra and Profile prove that he is an established unstoppable force to be reckon with in this day and age. With a rareness barely seen today Buddha has made his mark. Having worked with over 250 artist in the Brooklyn area alone & producing over 10,000 tracks he is proud to include singing, rapping, producing, writing & recording to his repertoire. Proving that music is versatile, he classifies his self as unorthodox, a chameleon, someone who can change their style no matter what and claim a multi-status throne. In Buddha monks own words At the end of the day, the best music Ive made is with people in my hood. They appreciate it more & remember that music is an art form, not a get rich quick scheme.

CCR Comptoir SA is the exclusive management company of the world famous American hip-hop musician from Brooklyn, Buddha Monk, and managing also the legendary funk-music group Supermax (producer of BoneyM, Chakka Khan, Falco a.m.o), and Supermodel Dji Dieng, bestowed with the “Leading Ladies Award for Humanity 2007” for her social engagements as “UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadress” and AIDS Prevention.

Supermax under contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC released its latest remix REMAXED VOL. 2 recently and was ranked in June 2007 as No. 1 in the “German Club Charts” and in the “Black Charts” on No. 10 (Bullets)!

The recording of the new solo album of Buddha Monk together with Universal Music (www.universalmusic.at) will begin soon. Release of the album in spring 2008.

CCR Comptoir SA
Grand Rue 34
CH-1204 Geneva



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