Da Saga Continues, or so someone once said half way through the 90’s referring to the second Wu-Tang Clan album that was about to come through. It was one of the many working titles that was thrown into the ether by Clan members. No it seems, the saga of the sophomore Cilvaringz album that has been continually referred to as a Clan album while besides The RZA none of the actual Clan members has heard the album, knows no end.

In a move that that propably surprised many, Shkreli has seen taken a new approach to the revaluation of art as an artform. As of now you can publicly place a bid on the much sought after album on eBay. At the moment of writing, the current bid is US $1,000,200.00. A quite interesting turn of events since the orginal bidding started at US $ 100,000.00. The auction will be open untill 16th of september, if nothing happens in between.

Personally, I would have no problem with him breaking the album. The whole project has been nothing but a prentitious marketing stunt [edit: lol] that only resulted in reclaiming an elite place for art outside of the hands of everybody. A place the internet had just taken it from, taken it from the Labels as some would say. That is also why this in no way can really reflect the legacy of Wu-Tang. Since it is nothing but money & publicity.
You want to revalue art? Bring out an actual masterpiece that the masses can listen to for years on end. One that builds up to a supreme climax that everybody will follow and keep listening too. But do not base it upon a gimmick.

edit: not my best writing